Woolgoolga, self organization


Second day in Woolgoolga. I’m still working and should stay here two months. The mission today is to find the way to wash my clothes (the washing machine are six dollars, what?! Too expensive for me.


haha :-) I like when one object has two functions, at least. I thought many times about this idea but I never apply it : washing my clothes inside my bagpack. Yes, it’s waterproof so it’s better than buying a bucket and I wash it in the same time.


A perfect bagpack/ bucket.


Let’s wash! :-D


Hey! This is cool! That public shed provide electrical power for free. I’m not the only guy who discovered that apparently … haha :-)


Finally after two discoveries today I deserve a good meal, if I can cook it because it’s very windy here. I built a wall with the rest of the food but it’s not really efficient …

So, resume : I’ve got a job for two months if I want. I found a good spot where I could pitch my tent for free. There is free public showers, toilets, tables, barbecue, electricity and water. I must just pay for the food and even not everyday. I met some guys here, French, who told me that thete is a indian temple (I’ve seen it when I came few days ago) where we can eat very good food for free. I will, maybe, try once but I don’t want to abuse. I’ve got already so many things for free here. At least it compensates the small amount of money I’m gonna earn here. Not too bad :-)

Ah last thing. The camp site in the city center (100 metres from the public area) coast 55$ per night! Gloups! But the guy told me : “it’s Christmas time now but in few days the price will be 48$”. Oh, yes, 48$ is definitely better, haha! Crazy!

2 thoughts on “Woolgoolga, self organization

  1. I have never heard that high price for camping!!! Ridiculous!!! what happened to Australia?!
    Lucky you found free things!

    I am going to Indian Temple next Sunday with friends, we are going with Indian person and we are also interested in Indian culture.
    May be if you stay for all the ceremony and try to understand their belief and respect it , they don’t mind share a meal with you. :-)

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