Ban Na Pong-Pak Kong, day off


Yesterday evening we decided to have a day off today. I thought this spot was going to be quiet. Actually it was! until 4am… when the bloody roosters shout every 10 seconds. There is dozen of them in the area so they compete against each other. “I’m the best”. “No, I’m the one!”. Rah, Shut up! I wish I had the slingshot from last time with me. The worse is, as soon as the sun appears (when I cannot really sleep anymore), they stop suddenly, rah! Then, soon after the chicken shut up, a group of people arrived here and sat around the table for breakfast I imagine. They work in the courtyard at the back. If I knew that, I would have hesitated sleeping here… Why is that so hard to find a peaceful place? Anyway, we spent the day doing nothing particular. I tried to do a bit my blog, fixing some of my clothes, the daily stuff though :-) Tomorrow we are going to climb a huuuge mountain! We must be ready :-)

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Wat Tha Pui > Ban Na Pong-Pak Kong (77km)


Today we finally left the Ping river and joined the Wang river for most of today. In fact, the ping river is the one that fills the Bhumibol lake. We will follow it again later before reaching Chiang Mai. The goal for today is to reach the bottom of the mountain range that creates the natural limit between the Lampang and Lamphun provinces. It will be our first climb for this trip (and the first for me too for the whole Thailand). If we get there tonight we will be able to start the climb tomorrow morning when the temperature is still fresh. 17km is not that much but I don’t know how Pita can handle that. Well, I’m sure she will but that’s more a question of time. The more early we start, the less we will be hit by the heat. Simple logic :-)

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