• +342km (commuting)
    • Aonang 100km
    • Ratchaburi 80km
    • Bangkok 150km
    • Bumihol Dam 12km
  • +0km (car)
  • +3km (bus)
  • +240km (train)
  • +500m (boat)
  • +0km (plane)
  • 5 punctures


Thailand was the first Asian country with a new main culture I’ve never came across yet: Buddhism! The first thing I’ve noticed was how shiny were the temples, the Buddha. Without really knowing, the first night I’ve spent was in a temple area. Sleeping in temples is very easy. You get there, ask to a monk if you can camp somewhere and normally they show you a spot, even put you under a roof. You can use the toilets and have a shower. Very simple and very helpful. There is something like 40.000 temples in Thailand so it’s pretty easy to find a safe place where to sleep. Even if you don’t want to stay in temples, Thailand has been the easiest country where to find good spots. I look for football field where often there is a large roof under which I can set up my hammock and sleep dry. Sometimes, if you are lucky there is toilets too.
People are very friendly. On the road, the scooters turn back to you to say hello. Only few people speak english contrary of what I’ve heard but you always find the way to communicate. Thailand is mostly flat. If you look for mountain, that’s the northen side. But you can go up there and avoid most of the hills too! I’ve spent 4 months in total and I had a good trip.


I made my 2 months Thai Visa from Penang (Malaysia). I takes only two days to get it, it’s really straight forward. The price is 1500Baht. As french citizen, we got 28 days free on VOA (Visa On Arrival) which helped me well when I was in Laos because I could get to Thailand for free and then come back in Laos to apply for another 30 days VOA which is not free. I’ve travelled during the last month in Thailand on a VOA as well. I did not counter any issue with the immigration.


Food in Thailand is nice and cheap. You have the traditional fried rice, fried veggies, fried noodles, the soups, the chicken rice, lots of different choices. Most of the local restaurants gives water with ice for free. That’s very appreciable after a hot ride.


As always, I didn’t use accomodation very often and always chose the cheapest one. In bangkok, for example, I went to guesthouses because sleeping out for free, I don’t know. I did not feel unsafe but it’s hard to find a quiet spot. The dorms are about 4 to 5€ per night with aircon and very nice bed.


I’ve used once the train to go from Ratchaburi to Bangkok. The ticket for the bicycle was nearly twice the price of my own ticket, respectively 180baht (4.50€) and 100baht (2.50€). Actually the train is pretty cheap, slow but cheap. I did not use any bus so I don’t know about that.

Internet / phone provider

I’ve start with the phone provider called True Move when I came from Satun (the south). It did work well for few weeks but after that, finish! Then I changed for AIS which worked perfectly all the rest of my trip in Thailand. Plus, with AIS you can get super fast Wi-Fi if you stop at Amazon Cafe. There is a lot of them in Thailand and everywhere. Often, they have electric plugs as well and there are quiet places.


As I’ve just mentioned: Amazon Cafe are good spot to get fast and free internet all around Thailand. There are situated inside the petrol stations or in the cities centres.


I didn’t learn much about the language. It’s so hard to remember all those words that sounds the same sometimes.

  • Few words/expressions
  • Sawadikrap: Hi
  • Kapunkrap: Thank you (if you are a man)
  • Kapunka: Than you (if you are a woman)
  • Nam: Water
  • Hongnam: Toilets
  • Chokdi: Good luck

Step by step

Satun > Ao Nang, Krabi (337km, 5 days)

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Ao Nang > Phuket (240km, 5 days)

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Phuket > Pran Buri (745km, 10 days)

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Pran Buri > Ratchaburi (170km, 4 days)

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Ratchaburi > Salok Bat (512km, 10 days)

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Salok Bat > Chiang Mai (531km, 8 days + 2 days off)

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Chiang Mai > Laos border (366km, 7 days)

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Loa bridge number 3 > Poipet (1126km, 27 days + 2 days off)

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