Barunga Festival

2015.06.06 | Barunga festival lasted 3 days during the one we could learn more about the Aboriginal culture.

Uluru Sunset

2015.05.10 | Uluru, the most unique rock formation in Australia on Sunset (Time Lapse).

Road Train

2015.04.30 | There are very famous in Australia. Actually the drivers pay nicely attention to us on the road but it’s better to keep an eye on them just in case…

Port River Dolphins

2015.04.26 | That was a nice cayak trip surrounded by dolphins. They are so hard to catch with the camera!!!

Anzac Day

2014.04.25 Very noisy game but quite fun. That day I won 20$! I’ve been very lucky.


2015.06.06 | This spider is very interesting. I meticulously made a web trap with a nearly perfect triangle shape. Clever!

Frog Savers, Part 01

2015.06.06 A big flash green frog was stucked in a big tank full of water. We thought we could help.

Frog Savers, Part 02

2015.06.06 | In Australia there is a fair amount of venemous insects and animals. Jamie was strong but scared when he released the bright green frog.


Boat trip

2016.10.16 | A 7 hours boat trip from Siem Reap to Battambang going through Tonlé Sap lake and the Sangker river.

Bamboo train

2016.10.16 | The Bamboo train of Battambang.


Bali, Candidasa Lagoon

2015.06.28 | Let’s have a swim in a Lagoon and touch the corai with the eyes only.

Java, Mount Bromo

2015.07.17 | Mount Bromo was a tough experience! The road to get there was really steep but that was worth it.


Langkawi Beach

2016.01.04 The way those guys work was pretty impressive. I sat on the beach for more than an hour I guess watching the tourists come and go. Very entertaining :-)

Noparrat Thara Crabs

2016.01.12 You don’t notice them at first. But you realise quickly, by walking on the beach, that there is millions of them living here.

New Zealand

Mavora Lakes

That place was great! Deep in the nature with no car around, I had the valley, the lakes and the mountains for myself.

Cold Store

2013.02.27 That’s where I’ve spent one month working for a fruit company. When it was 35°C outside, it was 5°C inside. Cool!

Maori Festival, Part 01

2012.10.29 | This video comes from a DVD that Maila (who I met in NZ) show me. That shows the traditional Maori dance.

Maori Festival, Part 02

2012.10.29 | That video was quite long so this is the second part.

Driving Creek

2012.09.13 | This place was a very good surprise. First I didn’t to spend the 25$ ticket fee but once I’ve decided to visit that interesting place I was amazed! You must try.

Coromandel Walkway

2012.09.12 | Another good track “made in New Zealand”! That was tough but that was great! The view was wonderful!


Chinese Event

2015.10.09 | I’ve never came across a Chinese festival so that was quite interesting. Very noisy though.

Bus Tour

2015.09.29 | I would be better without the haze crisis we had since a week but that’s better than nothing.


Tradional Music

2016.03.12 Super loud music but super traditional too :-)

Crazy Monkeys

2016.03.11 | I did not really like the way people interact with these animals as they disruped their ability to find food by themselves. But even if they are fed everyday they keep rushing to each single piece of popcorn.

Pot Factory

2016.02.17 That was interesting to see the process of building a pot, especially when you know this guy can make 250 piece per day! The video has been accelerated (x2).

Fabric Factory

2016.02.14 | Thailand has a lot of factories and people welcome us to visit. That was interesting to see how the manual way of making a fabric works.

100.000 Bats

2016.02.12 | I did not count them one by one but, for sure, there was a lot of bats that day.

Shadow Show

2016.02.06 | Something completely unexpected: A “Shadow show”. I wish I could understand the story because there is plenty of jokes or funny references.

Railay Beach

2016.01.13 To me, the most paradisiaque beach I’ve seen until today. Railay beach is naturally fill with tourists (like me) but whouaou! So wonderful!

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