Port Jackson > Coromandel walkway > Waikawau (43km, 5h30)

Today I’m gonna reach the top of the top of Coromandel Peninsula and the blue sky is come back for at least two days. Perfect! I shouldn’t have to come back by the same road because I will take the Coromandel walkway :-)! Karl did it by walk, I will ride!

The map to reach the track.

Exactly 7:07am and the sun is there. A cool day today!

Aaah! I forget to take a picture of my tent when I came here. So, that was my wonderful place.

As every time, when it’s blue is cold! My hot tea is so good to start this journey.

Finally I’m ready and I change my tires to climb the mountain haha :-).

I’m going to Fletcher bay to join the track. These 7km are already wonderful!

Rouaah I like this road and the view! Fiou! Keep your sunglasses ;-).

Fletcher bay I’m here:-).

Fiou! Nothing more.

Totally green… And I recognise this van… The guy in the same place as me yesterday.

Ok, that’s the beginning of a new adventure. This is a hard way to start…

Let’s have a look to this panel… Ah ok… High lever of fitness required and no side bags. Hoho… I have a trailer so it’s ok for me, let’s go! :-)

Ok, I’ve started by pushing my bike for the first slope… It will be hard today.

At least there won’t have any car here. That’s a good point.

The view is always as beautiful as this.

One more time with the cheeps. It hard to take a pictures of a lamb. Just when view see me, they run behind their mother pff! “Bande de flipettes! “sorry… it’s really annoying!

And I push and I push. It’s very sleepery as well but I knew that.

Arg! My bike is already full of mud and I’m carrying that.

This mud is really annoying!

Green green green. But the landscape is changing there. This part is horrible!

Finally on the coast! The path is much better. Here we go!
Fiou! It’s marvellous.

I prefer so much this part and the view! The view! You should come!

This is a right place for a break:-). But I need solar cream or I will burn.

I come from this way. All the pictures show the same big rock front of the pacific ocean. It’s almost easy to imagine the scene and where I am going to.

This scenery lookout is giant! And the big rock is there. I’m getting higher:-).

Have a look to the right. Fiou! There is no wind, it’s warm and quiet. I can head the smooth sound of the ocean from the bottom. Wouhaaaou!

I tried to make a short movie with different videos of the end of this track. It’s fun to do that but alone it’s a bit long hahaah :-).  I must put the camera somewhere, cycle a bit and come back to take my camera. The second part shows my muddy bike. I absolutely need to clean it he I don’t want having any problem with my chain again.

The map to reach the camp.

Good buy stony bay, it was a pleasure :-).

When this bloody will be finished? When!?

After 2 hours I’m quite far but I’m not arrived yet. And the battery of my GPS is empty. Normally I could recharged it but last time, when I was visiting the Pinnacles I give my GPS to the DOC visitor center to charge it. The next day I came back to the office and co other person give of back my computer. But, BUT! Without the cable!! And I didn’t noticed that because I was happy to take my fully charged gps! Rah! Now I missed my informations grr! I have certainly to wait until Tauranga to buy a new one… :-(.

Hey! I’m on the other side. Is there any campsite here? Ok… Let’s in down.

I’m on the see level again. The sun is going to disappear soon. Quick quick!

A river. Cool:-)

Green and blue :-)

One, two, three, four, five… 25, 26… Ok ok too much!

I hope I’m almost arrived. I have 45min left maybe before the night.

Hey :-) that’s the DOC camp but this one is very modern with those news building.

I should have enough place for my little peace of tent :-)

Wonderful landscape :-)

My huge kitchen :-)


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