Nelson > Mt Gambier (36km, 2h30)


Shitty, shitty and shitty day today. I should stay where I was and have my day off… But I felt good this morning and was motivated to have a short trip to Mt Gambier and improvise once there. I know there is the blue lakes to visit. Two person including Jamie told me about that so I could have a look today. The problem, rain and wind and rain… The only interesting thing for today is (well, is it really interesting?) I’m now in South Australia :-)

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Narrawong > Nelson (87km, 4h50)

Today is a cold day! I’ve started cycling when the temperature was 9.7 degrees. My hands and feet were freezing! Fortunately I’m moving so this cold sensation disappeared after about 30 minutes riding. My plan is to rich Portland, which is 15km away and try to go to the library (if this one is not closed on Fridays). Then I don’t know where I will cycle to yet. I will see that. And I did not spent the last night in my tent for once. I’ve slept in the “change room” of this kind of “hut”. I let you discover that ;-)

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Port Fairy > Narrawong (59km, 3h10)

Finally it did not rain that much yesterday. Actually it stopped just when I finished to set up my tent and organised everything for the night. It’s often like this! As I said yesterday, I found one more good spot in a park. The only thing is it’s a bit dusty so I will have to clean my tent before packing it. This morning is quiet, certainly because the holiday period is over and it’s too cold to play at 7:30am :-) Today I’m planning to go to Portland but I want to swap my tyres as well and I know it’s going to take a while. I want to make sure the weak tyre (actually the rear one) doesn’t carry most of the weigh so I will put it on the front wheel. That way I won’t have to change it because $75 for a tyre… That’s expensive!

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Peterborough > Port Fairy (82km, 4h30)

Wow! I had a very good night and for once I’m on the right spot regards the sunrise. My clothes have dried overnight and the sun is doing the job on my tent. I would be happy to have a day off here today but I want to cycle two more days before that. Let’s pack everything, charge my stuff again and eat something, then I will be ready to hit the road again.

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Glenaire > Peterborough (82km, 5h)


Fantastic day today! I had no idea that I was going to see that place today but the buses full of tourists reminded quickly that I was reaching one of the famous place in Victoria: The Twelve Apostles. Actually, they are only eleven now as one collapsed in 2005 (you can see it on the picture). The place is very impressive even if I felt half between between being in “Disney World” or “The Great Wall of China”. Let’s start the visit! Caution: lots of rocks pictures ;-)

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Aireys Inlet > Glenaire (96km, 5h15)


Today I’m really cycling in the “Great Ocean Road”. I’ve got the wind and the sun with me so this is perfect. It’s definitely not cold at all and because Easter is finished, most of the traffic is going the other way. I’m glad to do this trip from Melbourne to Adelaide because I’m on the good side of the road. I can stop whenever I want to get the best shot!

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