Bon Bon Rest Area > Tarcoola (40km, 4h) > Coober Pedy (120km by car)


Aie aie aie… Today happened what I did not want to. Firstly, the wind is a strong head one today (Anthony, you were right). Secondly, my hub is not doing well. It started making a bad noise which means I’m certainly damaging the magnet system inside it. It’s not good. I must find a solution before being stuck in the middle of nowhere! But let’s start the day from the beginning, before everything happens…

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Nelson > Mt Gambier (36km, 2h30)


Shitty, shitty and shitty day today. I should stay where I was and have my day off… But I felt good this morning and was motivated to have a short trip to Mt Gambier and improvise once there. I know there is the blue lakes to visit. Two person including Jamie told me about that so I could have a look today. The problem, rain and wind and rain… The only interesting thing for today is (well, is it really interesting?) I’m now in South Australia :-)

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Laura > Lookout Byerstown Range (68km, 5h30)

And one more wild camping. I feel like it’s a bit more easier than New Zealand or maybe a get used to it. Today I’m going to find a job! Or at least I’m starting seriously my research. When I was in Port Douglas a guy told me to try around Lakeland. That’s the part of the reason why I decided to go to Cooktown and then Laura : to make a big loop and pass through every cities where I could have the chance to find some work. Let’s go!

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