Nelson > Mt Gambier (36km, 2h30)


Shitty, shitty and shitty day today. I should stay where I was and have my day off… But I felt good this morning and was motivated to have a short trip to Mt Gambier and improvise once there. I know there is the blue lakes to visit. Two person including Jamie told me about that so I could have a look today. The problem, rain and wind and rain… The only interesting thing for today is (well, is it really interesting?) I’m now in South Australia :-)



This morning was not too bad when I woke up. I thought I could take my time and move a bit later.


But as soon as I was ready, the clouds took the sky over and well, this is it… rain, wind and rain. And cold!


Nelson would be much much better with the sun. I’m sure my day off would be great.


Maybe Icould hire a canoe! or not…


Bah! because of this, I spent my money for a hot chocolate and a bacon & egg roll. What can I do now?


Look at the sky! brrr…


At least, I can have a kind of shower using the public toilets. This is how I wash my hair, a bottle, a soap and a tin sink :-) That’s enough!


The weather seems to be a bit better so I’ve tempt the adventure. I’m gonna be in South Australia very soon ;-)


Hmmm, it looks like in South Australia they harvest rocks haha. And they are growing well!


I’ve done 11km so far and I’ve got 22 more to go. But the rain is coming back. I used to have a strong headwind, now I get both… I will wait a bit and then decide what to do.


Pfff! Such a bad weather. I’m soaking wet again. But this time I was better organised and put my thong BEFORE my shoes were completely wet. When I arrived in the city, I did not find the centre easily. I stopped in an open house’s garage to check my phone but my finger were so cold, I could not use the phone… Then I’ve checked for the library and it was closed… Rah! My last change as usual is Mcdo where I can get warm, at or drink something and use internet. Maybe I should hide somewhere in the toilets for tonight haha :-) This is it for today. No more rainy cycling! Bah!

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  1. Aïe, aïe, satané météo ! J’espère que ça s’améliorera quand tu iras plus au nord ! Dis donc, faut pas avoir une trop grosse tête pour se laver dans ce minuscule lavabo !! Lol

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