Step, Kuta > Kediri (538km, 8 days)

This is my first indonesian cycling step. First thing I can say is people here are extremely friendly. I’ve been cycling two days in Bali and have been invited the first night. Bali being small I quickly reached the ferry and arrived in Java. From there I visited the north side of the island and then went inland towards Bromo. This place was really impressive. Finally I’ve been cycling through the center and met a nice Family with who I stayed a week.

Gilimanuk > Lewung area (57km, 2h50 + 4,5km by ferry)


Unfortunately last night was not as good as I expected. My hammock did a perfect job but the guys singing yesterday until 22pm (maybe more) and so early this morning broke all my expectations. Anyway, today is the day when I come to Java. It’s going to be a new adventure and not as scary as balinese people told me. I met very friendly Javanese people today!

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Prancak > Gilimanuk (55km, 3h)


Selamat Pagi (good morning), We had a short sleep last night with Putu. I’ve used my mattress onto the bamboo floor but Putu slept straight on. I’m not used to like him. The night was not cold at all and sleeping outside was largely doable. Today I hesitated about staying one more night or not. Yesterday Putu asked me if I wanted to see how to make a Penjor and his uncle told me that I should stay until the festival. Finally at 2pm I was gone.

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Kuta > Prancak (100km, 5h30)


Okay, I know I’m late on my blog. As I expected to, Indonesia is different from France, NZ or Australia. I’ve been 4 days on the road and I’m trying to catch up with my diary. Contrary of what I’ve heard from Indonesia, people are very kind and I feel safe enough. The traffic is dense but each person, scooter, car, truck and buses take care of anybody on the road including me. They love horning to say “I’m here, I’ve seen you”. The most shocking thing I’ve seen since I’m travelling here is the rubbish. These are everywhere, unfortunately, especially in the rivers. Let’s start my first day of cycling in Bali :-)

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Kuta, new hammock setup


Tonight I’m gonna sleep in my new Ridge Runner Hammock made by Warbonnet. I’ve set it up in Cecile’s garden between two palm trees. They are a bit “soft” and hope won’t fall down on me during the night. This is a called a bridge hammock as there is two spread bar on both ends. From the research I’ve made it’s more comfortable than a “banana shape” hammock and and let us enjoy the view when we are inside. 

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