Kuta, sunset on the beach


This evening we have been with Christel, Cecile and Annaelle to the beach to see the sunset ans have a drink. It was a short trip because the place was packed with “white” people.


The sunset!


Still the sunset.


and again, the sunset :-)


The bamboo bar. A French guy came here like many other. He is doing fitness for sure as he is 4 times thicker than me. The gut had tatoos all around his body but especially one between the eyes, from the forehead to his nose : a lightning! haha well, good luck with that one :-)


The atmosphere is relaxed, the music is cool but we don’t have the best seats.


Far away the Bali airport.


Hey :-)  That’s it for today. Christel is leaving tomorrow and Cecile early next morning. I will be alone in the house waiting for my passport to come back. Soon I will start a new adventure in Indonesia. I’m a bit scared but I know everything will be okay as usual. See ya!

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  1. J’avais raté ce post. Joli coucher de soleil sur Kuta, mais un peu trop de monde en effet ! J’ai préféré celui de Lovina ! Lol

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