Wang Tha Chan > Tambon Watthana Nakhon (48km)


Hello, that has been a very long time since I’ve updated this website. I’m actually in Siem Reap since 2 months and I’m going to stay a year (I might said that already). I’ve visited Angkor wat of course, the famous temple that thousands of people visit every day. I took so much pictures that I became so lazy to update everything and this blog froze… Today I don’t know what happened but I’ve found the motivation to keep writing this adventure :-)
Last night has been a very peaceful night. It didn’t rain but if it did I would have been totally fine. I like this kind of place, they are very convenient. Let’s pack and go!

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Amazon cafe > Wang Tha Chan (61km)


I’m not really into taking pictures these days. I haven’t done any extraordinary things since I came back in Thailand. The last night was okay, surprisingly not too noisy. I’ve found a spot at the back of the petrol station with trees and grass (as you can see). Yesterday, during I was setting up my camp, a woman passed by so I told her I was going to camp here just one night. I don’t really know if she was agree or not but nobody came to kick me out, fortunately :-) This morning, I packed everything and came back to the same Amazon cafe. I stayed there all day and cycled later this evening with a bit a night cycling too.

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Palm Tree Forest > Amazon Cafe (13km)


This is where I slept last night, in the middle of palm trees. I had a bit of rain but nothing to worry about really. Not any dogs bothered me so, actually, everything was fine. This morning, I’ve cycled only few kilometres to reach the next amazon cafe and even slept at the back of the petrol station. Nothing exciting.

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Tambon Bang Khla > Palm Tree Forest (24km)


More I go forward and less I take pictures these days. I must say, the landscape is very linear here. The road is flat, the weather the same and I don’t do very interesting things too. The last night was pretty quiet. I’ve done about 15 kilometres this morning to reach the next checkpoint and later this evening did another 10km to find a spot where to sleep. Basically that’s it.

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Luang Phaeng Road > Chachoengsao (28km)


Today I’ve done a short, flat and easy ride to get to the next cafe, nothing really original or fancy. I know in few days, it will be certainly more tricky to work on my laptop so I enjoy doing it now :-). Later this evening I struggled a bit to find a quiet spot where to sleep but finally, as always, I managed to set up my hammock in a middle of a field :-) Really simple day over that…

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Bangkok > Luang Phaeng Road (53km)


Bangkok = rain, that’s true! Since I came in yesterday it doesn’t stop raining. And that’s not drizzle that are refreshing, it’s pouring rain! Anyway, the mission of today is: ONE, get my cambodian visa. TWO, pick up a parcel at the Nana post office. THREE, pick up my new GPS! I nearly forgot this one! FOUR, if TWO is doable today, I leave Bangkok tonight! If TWO isn’t doable, I will have to wait until tomorrow or even Monday which will be painful. Fingers cross!

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Nonthaburi > Bangkok (23km)


Today is shopping time. I started the day by going to Decathlon and buy a new raincover to protect my backpack. It also hide the fact that it’s a backpack which is very easy to pick up and run away with. Then I headed to Bovelo, a very nice shop who sell Brooks stuff. I bought a new saddle and some other things I needed since a while. The next step was to get to an Amazon cafe and lately find a spot nearby the Cambodian embassy. Except the rain that kept on interrupting my day, I managed to do everything and was rewarded by finding the best spot ever you can get in a capital city.

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