Bangkok > Luang Phaeng Road (53km)


Bangkok = rain, that’s true! Since I came in yesterday it doesn’t stop raining. And that’s not drizzle that are refreshing, it’s pouring rain! Anyway, the mission of today is: ONE, get my cambodian visa. TWO, pick up a parcel at the Nana post office. THREE, pick up my new GPS! I nearly forgot this one! FOUR, if TWO is doable today, I leave Bangkok tonight! If TWO isn’t doable, I will have to wait until tomorrow or even Monday which will be painful. Fingers cross!

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Nonthaburi > Bangkok (23km)


Today is shopping time. I started the day by going to Decathlon and buy a new raincover to protect my backpack. It also hide the fact that it’s a backpack which is very easy to pick up and run away with. Then I headed to Bovelo, a very nice shop who sell Brooks stuff. I bought a new saddle and some other things I needed since a while. The next step was to get to an Amazon cafe and lately find a spot nearby the Cambodian embassy. Except the rain that kept on interrupting my day, I managed to do everything and was rewarded by finding the best spot ever you can get in a capital city.

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Bang Pa-in > Nonthaburi (49km)


Aie aie aie, that’s it… I’m heading to the anthill, the traffic jam, the pollution, the noise, all the things I like :-) If it wasn’t to pick up my new GPS I would be cycling through Cambodia right now. But that’s the way it is. I will survive as always. Actually, tonight, I’ve found a great spot in the heart of the messy city of Nonthaburi. As I was looking for a public park where to stay for the night and keep a connection with nature, I ended up between concrete walls in an apocalyptic landscape. What a good place where to stay :-) That’s adventure!

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Tha Rua > Bang Pa-in (63km)


Today, I’ve been visiting a temple, it has been a long time. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya is THE city for old temples apparently. There few of them in the same area. A part that, I cycled from very early this morning until the next petrol station, stayed there most of the day before I headed to temple to catch the sunset. After the visit I struggled a bit to find my next 5 stars hotel but as always, I found it! :-)

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Kaeng Khoi > Saraburi (19km)


I haven’t been very efficient today :-) 19km! At least, the slight pain I used to have a week or two ago on one leg disappeared. This morning, I cycled the 2km back to the café along the highway and stayed there all day. What an interesting day isn’t it? Cambodia will be more adventurous I think. Then, later this afternoon, I cycled a little 17km before discovering that nice spot! Unfortunately, there were some dogs around that didn’t like my presence… That’s surprising! Haha. I should make one of those slingshot and shoot their asses. I keep forgetting that. That would be a nice training, every evening shooting moving subjects :-)

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