Bangkok > Luang Phaeng Road (53km)


Bangkok = rain, that’s true! Since I came in yesterday it doesn’t stop raining. And that’s not drizzle that are refreshing, it’s pouring rain! Anyway, the mission of today is: ONE, get my cambodian visa. TWO, pick up a parcel at the Nana post office. THREE, pick up my new GPS! I nearly forgot this one! FOUR, if TWO is doable today, I leave Bangkok tonight! If TWO isn’t doable, I will have to wait until tomorrow or even Monday which will be painful. Fingers cross!





Back to this morning…
How good is that? It’s like sleeping in a bungalow :-) Except the old guy who popped up early last night the night was great and my phone and laptop are fully charged.


The PERFECT city spot ever :-)


Last one ;-)


If I could fish, I could have a nice barbecue last night haha. But maybe I would have been more obviously visible, maybe…


New handle! I forgot to take a picture before unfortunately.


The left one in case you wondered how it could look :-) I hope those ones will last for a while. At least they are very comfortable.


That’s the new waterproof back I got yesterday. The opening is on the other side though. It’s going to be handy I’m sure.


After fixing some stuff, I’m finally heading towards the Embassy which opens in at 8:30am

We were only two person early this morning. Getting the visa was straight forward. Here the different things you need to get a 30 days visa:

  • Passport “photo page” photocopy
  • Passport “Thai visa end date” photocopy”
  • One ID photo
  • $35USD or 1200baht
  • The completed form they provide at the desk
  • A bit of patience

That’s it! 20 minutes later I was out.


Step TWO: I’m now heading to the post office. Clouds are taking over the city again. Rain will arrive pretty soon.


This is when everything turned to grey, so my camera :-)


I can feel few drops now. Very soon I will have to find a shelter somewhere.


I’m not the only one to have the idea of waiting under a bridge.


Heavy rain but police are still out there (Shuuut, it’s a fake one. The real ones stay inside their shelter with aircon at the corner of this road).


When rain is pouring you see a defile of plastic human. I guess, these rain protections are used once and then thrown away. There are so thin that it’s obviously very easy to create holes in it. As I said previously: conveniency kills this planet little by little. Just get a thicker, stronger raincover and reuse it. Is it that hard?


What did I say? Don’t you agree with me?


This is what I call a massive blue screen that only Windows can do haha.


Mmmm, interesting… Are they pushing people to buy gold or to sell it? I wish I could understand this ad. I would say, don’t sell i you have some but buy more!


Cool! I’ve got my parcel! Thanks Budnitz!


If you love yellow, you can get the colour you want. That’s the same price to pollute the planet.


Rain, rain and rain… I’m stuck front of the post office now…


What can I get from where I’m standing? Some rain drops? Yes, I can do that :-)


In landscape? I can do that too!


The wet ground? easy ;-) Ok, let’s go and pick up my GPS!


Nice! I’ve got everything I need and I’m now on my way out of this crazy noisy and rainy city. Actually I just need one last thing. I need to find a specific Torx bit and I guess I’m in the right street for this. 90% of the shops here sell tools and other home stuff. I’ve done ten of them already but no one has the thing I want. Finally, A nice man, led me to the right shop where I was able to by a set of Torx. I would prefer to get just one needed bit but well, that’s fine.


The last picture of the day :-)

I kept on cycling as long as I needed to leave the city. Once I was out enough I stopped few times looking for spots but did not find something good enough. After that 6 stars spot where I stayed last night, my expectations are high haha :-) Finally I found a large field with a market place at the front of the road. There were a larger shelter and toilets at the back. They locked the door during night time but left a big barrel full of water at the back of the toilets. Do you think it’s going to stop me to have a shower? Of course not :-)

Happy to be clean and out of that anthill. Good night!

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  1. Mignon ton abri au milieu du lac, on a presque l’impression qu’il t’attendait ! Bon il ne faut pas que l’eau monte quoi !

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