Luang Phaeng Road > Chachoengsao (28km)


Today I’ve done a short, flat and easy ride to get to the next cafe, nothing really original or fancy. I know in few days, it will be certainly more tricky to work on my laptop so I enjoy doing it now :-). Later this evening I struggled a bit to find a quiet spot where to sleep but finally, as always, I managed to set up my hammock in a middle of a field :-) Really simple day over that…



I didn’t sleep far away from the traffic last night but those big tents used by the daily market helped decreasing the noise coming from the road.


That’s my backyard, nice isn’t it ? :-) I had a shower behind that toilets block yesterday night :-)


A bit more on the left side…


… here is my bedroom :-) I had a whole big tent for myself :-)


Yesterday night, I felt I was kind of slow. I checked two times if I didn’t have any puncture but did not see that!


The weather this morning is covered. I cannot keep my bike clean these days, especially my backpack which receive the dirty water from the road. I must upgrade this trailer fender soon.


River view…


Ho, Hey, my GPS is back! That’s a new one actually because they could not fix the old one (I knew that). I will have to care about this one better this time.


I just arrived to my daily destination. At the back of the petrol station’s car park there is large roof and tables. I will stay here this morning and do some small work on my bike like fitting the new saddle I bought earlier in Bangkok. I will test it later this evening. First impression, it’s more firm than the leather model. The rubber is pretty soft in the center, but the back is obviously harder because of the bold and the saddle’s frame. At least, it looks great :-)


The design is also a lot more modern that the leather model (the B17) which I still have with me. I prefer to keep it in case that new C17 model doesn’t fit as expected.


That’s my old backpack raincover. I’ve fixed it many times but now it’s really messed up… During the last weeks, every time I manipulated it I would make a new hole here and there. The material has been weaken by the sun over the last four years of use. That was time to change. As you said Yoko, it’s more visible but the material is not reflective. Has the proverb says : “At night, every cat is grey”. So, I guess, a driver won’t see a lot of difference between the old one one the new one. I rely better on my flashing usb light :-)


Not far away from the petrol station, I’ve discovered this nice restaurant earlier today. They make delicious fried rice and the people are friendly and honest here :-) I came here for lunch, came back tonight and will certainly be here tomorrow morning :-)

After dinner, I left the restaurant and searched for a place where to camp tonight. The first few spots I found on Maps were surrounded by dogs so I moved further grrr… Finally, I turned off onto a gravel track which ended in the middle of fields. There was few trees and especially two I could use except that one of the tree was a bit two young and flexible. I set up the hammock, tried to sit in it. Damn! The young tree bent too much… Without even letting all my weight I could nearly touch the ground. It was already dark and I was tired. The spot was so great, I had to find a solution…
A minute later, I came up with an improved system :-) I tided up the rope around three of the thicker branches and it did work, cool! Well, it was still really soft but at least I did not touch the ground any more :-) I hope the tree is going to resist to this night… Good night!

2 thoughts on “Luang Phaeng Road > Chachoengsao (28km)

  1. I hope the young tree survived. Hell night for the young tree. Ha Ha
    I was surprised that even the poles at the market are strong enough to support your weight.

  2. J’adore quand tu écris “ma chambre” pour une piste en gravier sous un auvent instable !!!

    Rien qu’à regarder cette selle j’ai mal aux fesses !

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