Nong Khiaw > Sam Soun Mountain Area (75km)


Today I have done two passes again. There is not much choice if I want to keep doing a minimum of 70km per day. I have also met 3 cyclists from United Kingdom during the first morning ascension. Once at the top, I was welcome by those 4 children who waited for me to take pictures of them. Then I continued downhill until I reached the river and a village where I had my lunch break. Finally I started the second climb of the day, reached the summit and then got caught by the night and a double storm. I really thought I would finish the night fully wet but fortunately my camp site resisted. Lucky me!

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Wat Khun Krai > Wat Ban Kruat (48km) – part 1/4


Today is such a day full of pictures and stories that I decided to cut it in 4 parts. This morning we started with an unexpected and short visit of an old temple. Then we cycled to Suphan Buri where we ate breakfast and visited a famous temple called Wat Palelai. The rest of the visit will be described in the coming posts.

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Singapore, Chinese mid-Autumn festival mooncake


Everything is in the title but you can have more information on that Wikipedia page :-) I’ve met Dave again today as we do minimum once per week (we must take a picture before I leave Singapore!). We first had lunch at the same food centre next the Marine Parade. Then we walk around the place and finally had a coconut at his place. Dave always wants to buy me something. Today, I did not let him spend his money for me so he gave me one of those mooncake. I’ve never eat something like this before. There is four major chinese festival during the year and the mid-autumn one is one of them. In that case, people offer a mooncake to their family or friends. It’s a famous delicacies and it’s sometimes hard to find because it sold out quickly. Lucky me! I can test one :-) Thanks Dave!

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Taylor Creek rest area > Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles) camping area (80km, 3h20)


Pretty quick cycling today as I’ve got no wind to bother me and I’ve started early this morning to avoid the heat. During a long lunch time I got involved with an Aboriginal woman who wanted me to buy alcohol for her (with her money). Another guy came for the same purpose until I found the solution to eclipse myself and hit the road again. I arrived early in Karlu Karlu camping area which is a nice one from what I’ve read online.

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