Ban Lat Kachoe > Somdet (70km)


Today I’ve done the biggest hill of my trip to Bangkok. After this hill the road will be quite easy normally. Last night a storm came by but fortunately I didn’t find myself in the center of it, just few rain showers. Once I’ve done that “super hill” (which is an easy climb) I enjoyed a long downhill following by a flat road. I arrived at the next Amazon Café this morning and stayed until 6pm. Finally, I’ve found a temple less than 2km away and slept in the garden.

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Nong Khiaw > Sam Soun Mountain Area (75km)


Today I have done two passes again. There is not much choice if I want to keep doing a minimum of 70km per day. I have also met 3 cyclists from United Kingdom during the first morning ascension. Once at the top, I was welcome by those 4 children who waited for me to take pictures of them. Then I continued downhill until I reached the river and a village where I had my lunch break. Finally I started the second climb of the day, reached the summit and then got caught by the night and a double storm. I really thought I would finish the night fully wet but fortunately my camp site resisted. Lucky me!

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Ban Keuocheb > Nam Nga (72km + 24km wasted)


Today I’ve crossed two passes and done more kilometres than I needed to. In fact, I’ve forgot my camera in the restaurant where I had lunch… I’ve realised this once I was on the second hill, just few hundreds metres after I took that picture, rah! That’s annoying! I did not have choice than to come back and get it or I would lose it. That cost me 24km which is not the end of the world fortunately but still!

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Luang Namtha > Ban Keuocheb (82km)


After 12 days spent in Luang Namtha I’m on the move again. I can say, I had a good physical rest :-) I’ve got 15 days left in Laos to get to Vientiane from where I will renew my visa. I must do 70km per day everyday with one day off in Phonsavan. If I feel I won’t make it I will take the shortcut through Luang Prabang. For the first day, I have done more kilometre than expected but that’s good! I prefer to be on time this time :-)

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