Siem Reap > Battambang (by boat)


Today we are going from Siem Reap to Battambang by boat. It’s more expensive than the bus but the view is a lot more interesting. First we caught a tuck-tuck from the guesthouse until Phnom Krom where the boats are and then enjoyed a 6-7 hours cruise through Tonlé Sap lake and on the Sangker river. Once in Battambang, we spent the rest of the afternoon visiting some temples and the surroundings like the very touristy “bamboo train”.

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Siem Reap, veggetables


When I arrived in Siem Reap and to the Dengba Guesthouse. I decided to use the kitchen and cook everyday for money saving. Going to the main shops (where most of tourists go) cost a lot of money. Prices are very similar to Europe. I’ve seen three or four carrots (like those ones) for 3 dollars! I met a Scottish guy here who showed me a local market where the prices are a lot more decent. Other there, there is many people who sell veggies, fruits. You choose whatever you need, they weight it and that’s it. You pay 1$ per kilo. Very simple.

Siem Reap suburb > Siem Reap (8km)


That’s the hotel where I slept for free last night. I’ve never imagined an hotel like this one. It’s particular. Well, never mind… This morning, I’ve done the few kilometres towards the center. On the way, I met the same guy again, the one who offer me a drink yesterday. He was cycling too, like training. We cycle together until the center and he gave me a quick introduction of the city, nice :-) After that, I waited in a park along the river until it was time to head to the guesthouse. That’s it! Short and easy day today :-)

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National Road 6 > Siem Reap suburb (85km)


First night in Cambodia! That was a good one :-) Nobody bothered me, I was far enough from the main road to avoid the traffic noise. I was lucky because this row of trees has only one spot that I could use. One is enough though :-) I might arrive around Siem Reap today but I will manage to find a spot just before the city to save one night in a guesthouse. Actually, for this second night, I’m going to sleep in a hotel but I don’t know it yet ;-) Cheers!

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Tambon Watthana Nakhon, Thailand > National Road 6, Cambodia (90km)


Finally crossing the border from Thailand to Cambodia! The road did not changed that much across the border. Cambodia is very flat too so it’s very easy to travel. I’m going to miss the comfortable Amazon cafes which I’ve used during the last month. But that’s fine, a new adventure is coming :-) How Cambodia is going to look? I’ll find out soon.

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Wang Tha Chan > Tambon Watthana Nakhon (48km)


Hello, that has been a very long time since I’ve updated this website. I’m actually in Siem Reap since 2 months and I’m going to stay a year (I might said that already). I’ve visited Angkor wat of course, the famous temple that thousands of people visit every day. I took so much pictures that I became so lazy to update everything and this blog froze… Today I don’t know what happened but I’ve found the motivation to keep writing this adventure :-)
Last night has been a very peaceful night. It didn’t rain but if it did I would have been totally fine. I like this kind of place, they are very convenient. Let’s pack and go!

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