Tambon Watthana Nakhon, Thailand > National Road 6, Cambodia (90km)


Finally crossing the border from Thailand to Cambodia! The road did not changed that much across the border. Cambodia is very flat too so it’s very easy to travel. I’m going to miss the comfortable Amazon cafes which I’ve used during the last month. But that’s fine, a new adventure is coming :-) How Cambodia is going to look? I’ll find out soon.



It didn’t rain last night but the tree was dropping water on me so I had to set up the roof and boil underneath.


This morning, before leaving, I stopped quickly at the Amazon cafe to use the internet just 5 minutes. My internet account has run out just yesterday and I don’t want to refill it because today I will be in Cambodia and will certainly get a new sim card.


Back on the road for the last bit of Thailand.


A moment later…

That it, I’m out of Thailand. Now I need to find the entrance to get to Cambodia.


That should be this way somewhere. That border is a bit messy. There is so many people pushing and pulling trailers full of goods all around the place. I’m not sure where I should ride yet, left or right? At least, I’ve got a trailer too, I’m not that different then :-)


Cambodians drive on the right side. I’m cycling on the main road here, “National Road 6”. It goes straight to Siem Reap which I will reach tomorrow or in two days max. I expect to stay there 4 to 5 days (well, I’m going to stay a tiny bit longer than that but I don’t know it yet).


Ouuuuh, I will get a free shower very soon I guess.


Better looking this side :-)


And the road keeps on going straight.


Food break.


Around 4pm, I have another break.


Not much to see today. I’ve done already 90km today so I’m happy to stop a bit earlier than usual. I left the main road and I’m now walking through the fields to find a spot for the night. Those trees should do the trick for the night and there is nobody around so I will have certainly a quiet night. Let’s do that :-) Good night!

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