Dumai (10km) > ferry express (~120km, 1h20) > Malacca (5km)


I’ve been telling that story for a while now: “I’m going to Dumai to catch a ferry to Malacca, Malaysia”. I’ve learned how to say it in Indonesian: “Saya mau pergi Dumai dan ferry di Malacca, Malaysia”. Today is the day, I got there :-) This morning we did a photoshoot with the family, friends and neighbours. The man I met yesterday, his wife and their son guided me through to city. Firstly we went to the place where to purchase the ferry ticket (300.000 IDR about $30 AUD) and then to the ferry station. I don’t know the address as I was following the guy through the city on his scooter. Few minutes later I was going towards Malacca at a pretty fast speed. The trip last around 1 hour and 20 minutes. When arrived I pass through the immigration. It was much faster than I thought it would be! That’s cool! Then I’ve cycle to my accommodation where I will stay few days and especially work on my blog. I took some time to have a short visit of this new city.

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Desa Sepahat (dormitory school) > Dumai (58km)


This is my last day cycling in Indonesia! I will get as close as possible to Dumai today so tomorrow morning I will catch the ferry to Malaysia. I stayed part of the morning with the students team and after breakfast hit the road towards Dumai. I stopped in a Warung for lunch and the rain start shortly after that. Lucky me! Finally I got to Dumai and during I was looking for a spot I met a guy who offered me to sleep at his house. Indonesia is too easy to travel to!

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Sungai Selari > Desa Sepahat (dormitory school) (45km)


Lots of variety today :-) I had a good sleep last night. The guys did not come back to sleep with me ;-) I left quite early as I was largely visible from the road. For the first time since I’ve been in Sumatra, I could see the sea! Then I was invited to have a drink with people who organised a wedding. I met two other cyclist from Ukraine! And finally when I stopped in a Warung for lunch I met two students who invited me to spend the rest of the afternoon and the night in their dormitory. I really enjoy the time with them. Two of the girls spoke a good english so we could exchange a lot and learn from each other. One of the best in Sumatra! Thanks guys! Unfortunately I could not stay longer because tomorrow is my last day. Then I will catch the boat to Malacca :-)

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Bunga Raya > Sungai Selari (53km)


Hey, that’s another day today (of course!). I had breakfast with the family I met yesterday night then I was cycling in an area where there was lots of beautiful houses. At lunch time I met a family who owns a warung and then move to the house of the brother. He showed me many things about his culture and also how to prepare halal meat. I think I should definitely stop eating meat… This evening I found a spot in a field next to mosque between two palm trees and set up my campsite until two guys came to me. That was not the police, only two young guys who wanted “fotos” ah ah. Sorry, but my hammock is for one person only, you must go back home :-) Indonesian are too friendly sometimes :-)

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Buatan > Bunga Raya (48km)


The last night was great. It did rain a bit so I was glad I’ve take the time to set up the tarp. Today has been an easy day. The road was all flat, the weather not super hot. I’ve passed through the city of Siak Sri Indrapura which has a singular style. I felt a bit like in Disneyland sometimes. Lots a huge colourful buildings and big avenues with flowers on the sides. I’ve crossed the Sungai Siak river again today but this time there was a proper bridge and it was free :-) I stopped in a warung at lunch time and around 5pm when I was ready to go a storm came up and I had to wait for a little while. Then I’ve continued my way following roughly the same river and ended in an other warung for dinner where I’ve spent the night! This is in short, the story of the day :-)

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North Pekanbaru > Buatan (63km)


I’ve changed my mind. The last 10 days, I explained to people I met along the road that I was going to Dumai (which is still true) but I would cycle from Pekanbaru to Duri and finally Dumai. That means I would follow the highway. Yesterday night, when I stopped at the Pertamina station, I was already on this highway which I did not really like. I looked on the map and discover a secondary road heading to the west of sumatra. I still have enough time to make that detour and it must be less crowded than that bloody truck road.

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West Bangkinang > North Pekanbaru (88km)


First day spend on flat roads. It’s different and a bit more relaxing so I enjoyed it. The only thing I did not really like is when I had to cross Pekanbaru, the Principal city of the Riau region. I don’t like big cities in general. I mean when I am cycling through them to get somewhere. It’s hard to find the directions and the traffic doesn’t help. Pekanbaru is very dusty. I don’t how people keep living inside this kind of place… Fortunately, today I could eat some juice pineapples and feel my energy and vitamins!

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