Taman Tiara > Sungai Merab (75km)


Second day on our way to Kuala Lumpur. We’ve started really early this morning to make sure we would avoid most of the heat. The first part of the day was hot and a bit hilly and the second part was rainy and more hilly ;-) Lucky us, as we were searching a place where to camp, we met Amir, Sabariah and their family with who we had a great time.

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Melaka > Taman Tiara (78km)


Youhou! here we are, finally back on the road. The road is a little hilly today but nothing really hard. We have seen some more monkeys along the road and as usual they are harmless. We left a bit later than we wanted to (around 8am), stopped for lunch at a small warung, had a 3 hours nap next to a beach and finally found a spot next to another beach where we spent the night. Kind of easy day today :-)

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Melaka, last day (again)


We thought we would leave 3 days ago but we were not ready yet and took few more days to be prepared. At the same time I still have tonnes of work to do on this blog, trying to optimize the speed of it. So this is not that bad. Talking about the picture above. The first guy is Howard, the owner of this backpacker (The Ringo’s foyer) where I’ve spent the last month! Time is too quick! On my right hand side there is Juliano from Canada with who I’ve worked at the hostel, well I help sometimes because I was more focused on fixing the roof top. Finally this is Stephane, the French guy with who I’m going to share the road for a little while.

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Melaka, last night


For the last night in Malacca we decided to visit one more time Jonker Street, the famous market that’s opened every friday, Saturday and Sunday night. As usual, the street is packed with tourists from all over the world. The clever thing here is that they alternate shops and food stand so there is always something to buy. Personally, I don’t need anything as I’m carrying enough stuff already.

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Melaka, local food


Since more than a week now, Shen show me a very nice place where local students come everyday for lunch. We call it between each other the market but it’s actually street food centre. Every weekdays, hundreds of students come here to eat their lunch. A meal is about 3 to 5 ringgit (~$1AUD to $1.5AUD) which is nothing. They don’t give much food though except one shop where we go everyday now. There is a various amount of choice. The woman give us first some rice and then it’s self service :-) I mainly eat veggies with a bit of meat or eggs. First time I’ve been taking a large amount of rice and veggies for 3 ringgit! ($1AUD > 0.6€). Then I don’t know what happened but as more as we came, as more expensive the price became. The is the Malaysian way maybe : More you come, more you pay haha.