Ao Nang > Tha Pom Klong Song Na (29km)


Today we left Ao Nang and headed towards Phuket. We were back on the road only around 4pm because I was waiting for a shop to open and pick up some clothes I left there for repair. But that’s fine. All we wanted was at least to leave this place after nearly a week spent there. Time runs too fast! The first thing we appreciate after leaving the area is the price of food. It came back to normal cheap and very nice food. Look at this wonderful salad :-) I explain what’s in it in more details inside this post :-) Cheers!

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Melaka, local food


Since more than a week now, Shen show me a very nice place where local students come everyday for lunch. We call it between each other the market but it’s actually street food centre. Every weekdays, hundreds of students come here to eat their lunch. A meal is about 3 to 5 ringgit (~$1AUD to $1.5AUD) which is nothing. They don’t give much food though except one shop where we go everyday now. There is a various amount of choice. The woman give us first some rice and then it’s self service :-) I mainly eat veggies with a bit of meat or eggs. First time I’ve been taking a large amount of rice and veggies for 3 ringgit! ($1AUD > 0.6€). Then I don’t know what happened but as more as we came, as more expensive the price became. The is the Malaysian way maybe : More you come, more you pay haha.

Melaka, Sikh Temple


Tonight, we have been eating at the Sikh temple called “Gurdwara Sahib Melaka” and enjoyed the experience of free food. The is part of the Sikh religion to offer food to people who need. Well, we don’t really need but we wanted to try at least one time. Since we arrived at Ringo’s Foyer, we have heard about this place. Several people told us : “This is fine, you can go there and eat”. The food is vegetarian. They give us as much rice as we want plus some different sauce mixed with veggies. The offered us as well some flashy green jelly stuff, a sweet soup, “crackers” and water. Our plates was more than full and delicious food. Actually this is the best food I’ve ever eat in Melaka :-)

When I was at the Thai temple in Singapore we had to wash our plates. Here it’s the same but they have a quite clever way to do it. There is 5 big sinks in a row. The first one has a tap to clean roughly the dishes before dipping them in the second sink. The second sink has dishwasher soap mixed in the water to clean properly the dishes. The last 3 sinks have only clear water in them. We dip the dishes from the second sink until the last one to rinse. That way, they don’t use much water compared to the amount of people who can eat. That’s clever!