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My thoughts about Singapore was moderate. First I was not sure if I really wanted to visit that city state. Second, How could I sleep for free. Parks are ok but only for one night usually. The only motivation I had was that I expected to see friends I met in Australia. They are sailing around the world when I cycling and Singapore became a common destination.


Check this page to see if you require a visa to enter in Singapore. In my case, I could stay 3 months and for free! That’s good :-)


Prices in Singapore are the similar to Australia I would say. Everything is expensive except food at the food centres. There is a lot all around the island. The price for a meal varies between $sin3 and $sin6 Singapore. A fresh juice is between $sin2 and $sin3. A bowl of rice 0.50cents.


Backpackers have a large range of prices. I’ve stayed only two nights in one of the cheapest called Betel Box Backpacker Hostel for $sin16 per night. There were 20 bunkbeds in one big room. They offered other options with less people per room but it’s more expensive of course.

Internet / phone provider

There is three major phone/internet provider in Singapore: Singtel, Starhub and Mobile One. All of them as kind of the same coverage regards to the tiny size of the country. Like any other country after Australia I did and will get a prepaid SIM Card. Once you get a SIM Card you can register online to use free WiFi around the city in Shopping malls, libraries and sometimes in the street.


Before I came in Singapore I read online that the city was really well done for cyclists. I disagree with this completely. Yes there is too major cycle paths. One is called the “Greenway” or the “Green Corridor”. It’s a very good track to try but it won’t be useful to every commuters. Then there is an extra long cycle path which runs from the “Garden by the Bay” until the Changi airport, but same thing, if you don’t commute around this area, it’s useless. Out of those cycle way, I’ve been cycling on the bus line all the time. The footpath are very narrow and many time they end suddenly so you must come back on the road anyway. The traffic is dense and there is always a bus behind. This is annoying for us and for the bus driver!

I did catch the bus sometimes and it’s not that expensive. You pay depends how far you go so it’s fair.


The best tip that pops to my mind are.
– You want a free internet access? Get a local number before and then register online for free. That way you can access to the WiFi from public libraries, shopping mall and others. McDonald’s doesn’t provide WiFi here. Starbuck Coffee does but the connection is slow most of the time. For 7$ on a Singtel prepaid card you can get 1GB that would last one week. That’s a good deal to me :-)

As I said earlier, cheap food is at the food centre.

Sleeping for free at the east coast beach! Singaporeans must apply for a free permit that allows them to sleep 4 nights (in a row) per month. I could not apply for any permit as a foreigner but I slept there many times and did not have any problem. During the weekends (especially friday and Saturday nights) the dedicated areas are full and the police don’t really check on people. Someone told me that during the week, they come every night. I’ve slept there during the week and did not see anyone. Maybe that’s because I have a hammock. One night, I was sleeping in a non dedicated area and the police came to me. They were very pleasant and let me sleeping there :-)
At that same beach, you can use publics toilets and showers for free too. Every facilities are clean everyday.
The last option where to sleep for free is the Changi Airport. Many people told me about that place but I did not try as I would have to let my bicycle outside. From what I’ve read online, you can only sleep there if your are in transit. Around 3am, guards would come around and check people flight tickets. Again I don’t have a precise information about this as I did not try. A friend of mine, tried to sleep there one night, and he said he did not have a good sleep at all. Let’s try it and you will see :-)

One step

Singapore in one piece

I cannot say I’ve been travelling in Singapore as the place is only a big city. Fortunately, there is some nice tracks like the green corridor or the east coast beach. Mainly, a part the parks and beaches, Singapore is far to be the best city for cyclists but I had some good time and met nice people.

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