Sungai Besar > Tapah road (86km)


Hello, today is the third day towards Cameron Highlands, our temporary destination. Thanks for the GPS coupled with Google maps to show us all the tiniest road along the way. We have cycled 60% on highway and 40% person on tiny roads even tracks sometimes. It’s much better like this, especially early morning when we are the witness of the sunrise :-)

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Kuala Selangor Fireflies > Sungai Besar (65km, 4h)


We did not cycle much for that second day. The alarm rang at 6am but it was raining. Finally we left the place at 8am. We did not have any rain for the rest of the day. Today we manage to travel off the main road for the little while, it was nice, especially quiet until we reach a beach where there was a kind of Chinese event. So much things were going on: food places and other shops, kites. The traffic was jammed too. Glad we cycled further along the beach to have a nap :-)

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Ampang > Kuala Selangor Fireflies (70km)


This is it, finally after one week staying in Kuala Lumpur with Sabariah an Amir’s family, we are on the road again. Thanks for your welcome guys :-) It was nice! I wish we would spend less time front of our screen and more outside but we were sooo later on our blog. Today we want to reach a town where we can observe fireflies in their natural environment. Hope it’s nice.

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Sungai Merab > Kuala Lumpur (72km)


Today we are going to reach KL (Kuala Lumpur) on a wet ride. In fact, the rain started this morning during breakfast with Sabariah and Amir’s family. We waited a bit for the heavy rain and finally got on the road again. Amir offered us to contact him once in KL as he will be at work. Let’s do that :-) He also told us that we could visit Putrajaya on the way. That’s a detour for us but not that bad. Putrajaya is the administrative center, a kind of town designed from scratch. Actually it’s like Canberra in Australia. There is big modern buildings, fancy bridges, clean roads and not much people around. We like it or not, this is Putrajaya.

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Taman Tiara > Sungai Merab (75km)


Second day on our way to Kuala Lumpur. We’ve started really early this morning to make sure we would avoid most of the heat. The first part of the day was hot and a bit hilly and the second part was rainy and more hilly ;-) Lucky us, as we were searching a place where to camp, we met Amir, Sabariah and their family with who we had a great time.

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