Ban Nong Phai > Chaiyaphum (49km)


As planned, I cycled this morning towards the next checkpoint. Until now I used to travel from remote place to remote place and stop during the day in Café but now I’ve broken that pace. That’s why this morning I cycled directly all the way to the next stop so later this afternoon I will be able to sleep between petrol station again. Except that, that next petrol station had a very nice spot again. At the back of the area, behind the buildings, next to a lake, out of the noise and close to the toilets, there was a very clean shelter with benches. How to resist? I didn’t :-)

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Ban Hua Fai > Ban Nong Phai (26km)


When I set up my camp yesterday night under this construction I thought: “I must remember to take a picture from above tomorrow morning. I might be nice”. So that’s why this :-) And then I thought: “An animated gif would look even better”. The gopro helped because If I used the camera, I would have only 10 seconds to run down a flimsy ladder,  jumped in the hammock and… Well, it would have been too short as you imagine. So I’ve used the GoPro and its wifi connection paired with the phone. Things become a lot easier then :-)

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Road n°3036 > Wat Khun Krai (68km)


That’s a crunchy, fresh and healthy day today ;-) I would not say organic though (unfortunately), so maybe it’s not that healthy… Well, it doesn’t matter because I’m talking about travelling, not food. Hey hey hey, wait a minute. Food is important too! With bad food and bad luck (like the nice night I’ve spent in that temple vomiting everywhere) you can not travel anymore. So, healthy food + good cycling = nice travel. This is the magic trick :-) Ok, ok let’s start the visit…

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Ratchaburi, visiting fabric factory, brick factory and Adobe houses (50km)


Today is a plenty day! Pita did for us a pro tour with lots different things so see and discover. First we worked on her Adobe house this morning, had lunch and hopped on our bicycles again. The original goal was to visit one of her friend who is an expert in Adobe house. He lives about 20 kilometres from where we started. On the way, we stopped first at a factory where they made traditional textile. Then we stopped at two other places where they do the same but handmade. Then we kept cycling and stopped on the way at a brick factory. The guys were very nice and showed us the whole process. Then, we kept on going until we stopped to the place where Grandin (The monk I’ve been cycling with from Singapore to Malacca) built an Adobe house for a friend. And finally, 4 or 5 hours later, we arrived at Pita’s friend property where we had dinner. After that we cycled the 20km back to Pita’s home.

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Wat Khlong Nam Khem > Phraphut Kiti Sirichai (52km)


Today we cycled mostly along the coast. The beaches are much more clean than what we have seen previously. The presence of many resorts explains largely and easily why. Today, we took a new resolution for 2016, we will try to take more pictures of ourselves and the bicycles. I used to do that in New Zealand but I think it faded away, a bit. I want to improve that cycling feeling when reading or watching these pictures. We finished the end of this day by visiting a huge Buddhist temple. So nice that we came back at night to get some special shots. Except that my camera did not catch much what we have seen and enjoyed tonight. That’s frustrating!

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Ao Nang > Railay beach return (by boat)


Today we planned to visit Railay beach which is not far away. It’s actually the next one after Ao Nang beach. The only way to access to it is by long-tail boat. We paid 200 Baht return as the trip is really short. Once on the other side, we have visited the area and discover a lagoon that is hard to access to. Then we spent some time in the water and swam around this big limestone rock.

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Satun > Thung Yao village (105km, 6h)


First full day cycling in Thailand :-) The first big place with lots of activities to do and lots of things to see will be Krabi. For now we did not expect to spend too much money. We were lucky to discover there was a waterfall to visit and for free. It was a bit a detour from our main direction but the road was definitively much nicer. Let’s start the visit!

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