Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, second visit (with family)


Second visit of Angkor Wat (or third day for me). This time, I’m not cycling. Because we are three, and we pay only for one day, we choose to go by tuck-tuck. One day = $20 and three days = $40. From February 2017, the prices are going to rise a lot! Anyway, the temple remained exactly the same as few months ago but fortunately I’ve seen places I didn’t or couldn’t visit the preview time. I took a lot less pictures too.

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Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, first day (44km)


Hey, that’s such a long time ago I did not update this blog. Usually when I don’t move I don’t have any motivation to write anything but today is different. I’m going to move very soon only 15km away to join an NGO during one month or more. I’ve discovered yesterday the website workaway which proposes everything I was looking for since a while. I don’t even know why and how I did not find this website earlier. So now I have the motivation to write again because a new adventure is coming and I’m late, very late… So, let’s go back in time, at the end of June more precisely, when I just reached Siem Reap the day before and visited for the first time the world famous Angkor Wat. The visit is not further than a click away now!

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Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, first quick visit


Today I’m having a quick tour in the Angkor park. Angkor Wat (temple) is one of the main attraction but there is a lot of other smaller temples all around the park. We can buy tickets from 5 to 7pm every day. I choose a “3 day pass” (40$) which will start tomorrow. Then I can go 3 days within a week. Now, I have two hours I can spend in the park for free except that I cannot enter inside the temples. That’s better then nothing :-)

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Tha Rua > Bang Pa-in (63km)


Today, I’ve been visiting a temple, it has been a long time. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya is THE city for old temples apparently. There few of them in the same area. A part that, I cycled from very early this morning until the next petrol station, stayed there most of the day before I headed to temple to catch the sunset. After the visit I struggled a bit to find my next 5 stars hotel but as always, I found it! :-)

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Wat San Wilai > Lao Yao (55km)


Mmmh, delicious day today :-)  The last night at the temple was pretty quiet. After breakfast we cycled few kilometres before we stopped to visit a temple. There was another gigantic statue of one of the three famous monk from that province. After that, we kept on cycling until we reached a very nice coffee shop. We stopped there maybe 3 or 4 hours :-) Later this afternoon we travelled a bit further expecting to find a temple I’ve spotted on Maps but that time it did not work. The people from the place where we ate told us that temple doesn’t accept people to stay overnight. We had to find another place then and it was not easy…

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