Wat San Wilai > Lao Yao (55km)


Mmmh, delicious day today :-)  The last night at the temple was pretty quiet. After breakfast we cycled few kilometres before we stopped to visit a temple. There was another gigantic statue of one of the three famous monk from that province. After that, we kept on cycling until we reached a very nice coffee shop. We stopped there maybe 3 or 4 hours :-) Later this afternoon we travelled a bit further expecting to find a temple I’ve spotted on Maps but that time it did not work. The people from the place where we ate told us that temple doesn’t accept people to stay overnight. We had to find another place then and it was not easy…



Back to this morning, this is the place where we slept last night.


I did not want to hang my hammock around those beautiful pylons so we when further at the back of the temple. It was very quiet. 


We left the temple and looked for a place where to have breakfast. Compare to the south, people here don’t open their restaurant very early. We tried many different places and finally met a woman who open hers for us. She was not totally ready so she gave us the only meal she had prepared this morning. Thank you :-) This cat seems interested to our bicycles.


Feel at home :-) Have you noticed something particular?


That’s the particularity! I’ve never seen a cat or any animal with two different eye color. Very surprising. Thailand people consider this is luck. This cat is a lucky cat :-)


After breakfast we cycled a bit until we reached that temple.


That’s the big statue I talked about previously.


The road to get here was short but steep. At least the view is worth it.


Temple effect ;-)


That’s a truly a golden temple this one.


The facade in details.


There is another smaller version on its side.


As “goldish” as the first one.


The details are quite overwhelming. 


The Chedi.


The side view of that first temple. 


Buddha hides himself behind those trees.


That’s a better view.


Very nice illustrations.


There is a third temple here. I like the roof. 


Back to the chedi. The visit ends here.


An interesting sculpted door along the way.


It’s around 11am that we found this coffee shop on the side of the road. The entrance looks very nice already.


There is a great atmosphere here.


There is several spot, all with a different ambiance.


The owner seems to have collected stuff for a while before they open this coffee shop.


That’s fun but you cannot go really far with that.


The actual coffee place is behind those bambo. 


Some old fashion bicycle. 


That’s where we stay for now. 


There is so much elements here that is difficult to take pictures without being overwhelmed by the number of elements.


Lanterns, lustre and other interesting objects hang from the roof.


How to make a lustre with a bottle of plastic.


Original but I would not to that in my home.


Let’s have an iced coffee.


And something to eat. With all that sugar I will be able to cycle 150km today :-)


Back on the road for the last step of the day.


The best time of the day to take nice and soft pictures.


The warm atmosphere takes over the landscape.


Do you see? at the top of the hills, temples, always :-) 


There is a lot of these big buildings along the road. But what are they stocking? Onions. 


Most of the car in Thailand are pickups. You can understand why when you see how much they can load them :-) 


Yes, they are red onions.


This province must provide the whole Thailand because I’ve seen dozen of big shelter like this and never before.


See? another one. It smells onion all around the area.


Let’s keep going.


We finally reached our destination and fortunately found a place where to eat. When Pita mentioned that we were going to sleep in a temple, a woman told her this temple doesn’t allow anyone to stay overnight. Few minutes later, they offered us to sleep in an old police shelter just on the other side of the road. Thanks for that. We got there and realised it was very dirty, especially the toilets area which was flooded… Apparently they built that place for the police and never used it. When the small shelter was finished they decided to build another one somewhere further and abandoned this one (sounds like waste of money). We decided to find another place. I checked Maps and discovered that not far from where we were there was two temples next to each other. Let’s try this.


We followed the GPS until the road became a path. We kept cycling until we reached the point on the map but not any temple was on sight. Another joke of Maps! This is not nice at this time of the day. Before we realised there was no temple here we passed front of a shelter. On the way back, we decided to stay around. It was very quiet and far from any habitation.
It took only five minutes before a guy on a motorcycle, coming from nowhere, stopped when he saw us. He said that this shelter is own by someone who sleep here normally but he is now at a wedding party and might not come back tonight. Apparently we must ask for permission to stay here. The guy left and came back few minutes later with another person. I was pretty tired so I set up my hammock expecting to sleep very soon. Later on, another guy arrived too. What’s going on here? It was so quiet and now we are five. Why is that so complicated to just let us sleep here? The guys talked and talked, and talked… This is becoming very annoying. If I would be alone, I would leave that bloody place. 
Finally Pita told me that we could not stay here for security reasons. Of course! In the middle of nowhere. They said they is drug dealer in this area so it’s not safe. Pff… Bullshit! They made me pack all my stuff again because one of the guy decided that we should move to his property, 200 metres away. AH yes, naturally, there, there is no drug dealer issue. It’s totally safe. Of course!
That time, I’m angry. They don’t realise we want to sleep. Oh, I know I want to sleep. They don’t really care. There are here, talking for ages to take such a simple decision. So we moved to the other place. I set up my hammock again and 5 minutes later I was sleeping. Well, I tried to sleep because as everywhere in Thailand, there was two dogs. Once we were set up, the owner left the place but left his dogs here (certainly for our security). During all night, as soon as I was moving a bit in my hammock, one of the dog was barking at me. I wish I would have been somewhere in a place where there is no human and dogs around… 
Fortunately, not all nights are like this one. 

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  1. The piles of onion on the truck was impressive!

    Your iced coffee looked very western style. I would prefer in a glass for mine. too many plastic…..

  2. Beau ciel lumineux, c’est rare ! J’imagine bien l’odeur d’oignons partout aux alentours, remarques, c’est mieux que les poules en batterie ! Lol.

    Sacrés chiens ! Achète des boules Quiès Damien !

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