Upper Mongogarie, sushis!

It’s a long time niw I’ve been eating sushi and especially cooking. I asked to Sue if we could bye everything for preparing them and as you can see she accepted :-D. Nice!
Thank you Yo…Zackari for your japan style recipe. I even tryed to do the eggs as you do but you are the chef and the result is not like yours. And thank you Maila for your washing technic :-) Yes it’s important because we have less than one tank of water and I wanted to wash the dishes with the minimum of water. Then I remembered the Maila’s great ecologic technic witch is :

  1. Pre-wash the dishes with a bowl of water to get ride of the main food.
  2. Fill a basin with hot water and a bit of product.
  3. Clean the dishes and put on the dryer.

The basin’s water comes dirty quite slowly like and you can use it later. Very useful :-)