Innisfail, trip with Martin and Josh, day3 (last day)


I’ve started this last day in the hospital. oh, well, I did not slept there. Martin and Josh dropped me off. I prefer to make sure my wounds are under control. But yesterday night, Paul did a very good job. The nurse cleaned everything again and the doctor came to see if I needed any stitches (point de souture). He had a quick look and said :  ” it looks perfect to me”. Hey, that’s it? ok, that’s cool :-) Just that I had to pay 250$, gloups! At least, I know all is good, this is the most important.

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Tableland, trip with Martin and Josh, day 2


After a nice sleep at Possum valley (well, I did not really sleep because there was 3 or 4 possum scratching the roof all night. That’s ok, this is nature :-) Josh and Martin, started the day by repair a bridge with Paul. They do like wwoofing in fact. Then we traveled onto the tableland and especially in a middle of nowhere to find the site that Martin and Josh are going to work on.

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Tableland, trip with Martin and Josh, day 1


We have started a trip with Martin and Josh today on the tableland and we ended the day at Possum Valley where Paul lives. I’ve been there once more than a year ago and nothing changed since. Paul bough this large piece of land more than 30 years ago and built by himself his house and 3 cottages. Martin and him are friends since a while and tonight we will sleep in one of the cottage.

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Sydney > Queensland, driving trip with Colin, first day


This morning I received a call from Colin the husband of Kathryn who is Beryl and Stephen’s daughter who are John and Pauline’s friends. This is why I get the connection and this job, when I can come… Yes because Colin is delivering materiel for the mine industry and he never knows when they are going to call him. The distances for the delivery are mainly very far so he needs a second driver to handle the job and drive safe otherwise driving 48h return without stopping is impossible.