Flying to Cairns to visit Yoko, Martin and Marco


Hey, I’m flying this morning to Cairns where I’m going to meet Martin, Yoko and Marco again. I would prefer to be able to cycle there but the way I’m planned my trip makes it hard to come back to Cairns as I will be cycle through the center of Australia, heading to Darwin. Anyway, this is worth it and I’m sure I will enjoy it! I’m coming :-)


Martin picked me up at the airport. Good to see him again :-) it has been something like 18 months now since I left Cairns and drove to Brisbane expecting to find a job in the area. We are now in town, having a drink before going home. This is the same place where I met Martin and Josh the first time. I feel I’m going back in time now. This is Cairns and the beginning of my holidays :-)

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