Bang Pa-in > Nonthaburi (49km)


Aie aie aie, that’s it… I’m heading to the anthill, the traffic jam, the pollution, the noise, all the things I like :-) If it wasn’t to pick up my new GPS I would be cycling through Cambodia right now. But that’s the way it is. I will survive as always. Actually, tonight, I’ve found a great spot in the heart of the messy city of Nonthaburi. As I was looking for a public park where to stay for the night and keep a connection with nature, I ended up between concrete walls in an apocalyptic landscape. What a good place where to stay :-) That’s adventure!

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Hayes Creek > Batchelor (98km, 4h50)


I’ve got the right pace these days. I sleep in the bush each night and for lunch I reach a town where I can avoid the heat and buy some refreshment, perfect timing again ;-) I wasn’t sure if I would reach Batchelor today but there was an unexpected shortcut of 10km so I finally made it. And to celebrate that I had a an expensive tiny frozen pizza :-)

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Kings rest area > Barunga festival (34km, 1h50)


I left as early as I could this morning and arrived at the festival just when they opened the doors :-) Perfect timing! This is more the preparation day and there is not much to do but at least I paid to sleep somewhere so it’s better than nothing. The guy are repeating on the main stage and the shops are taking place around. Lucky me, this community has even a library so I’ve been there for one hour to charge my phone and laptop :-)

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Elsey National Park > Kings rest area (77km, 3h15)


I’m still not sure if I’m going to the Festival or not as I’ve discovered that the price was $40 per person and not free as said the woman I met about a week ago at the Pink Panther Roadhouse. I know the turn off is something like 50km after Mataranka so I will stop somewhere there for the night and will decide tonight.

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