Katherine area > Edith falls (41km, 2h)


Short day today. I’m going to cycle to Edith falls. The cyclist I met in Alice Springs told me they spent 4 days their and it’s worth it. Better than Katherine gorge because it’s free. It’s 20km of the road so that’s OK.

Katherine area Cycling



I’m very constant these days and I woke at 6am.


When I wanted to open my tent this morning I past through it! Do not expect that. It’s getting old.


On the road!


Since fee days now I’ve noticed those red gum tree everywhere. They look good!


I’ve done half of my trip already.


Nitmiluk National park I’m coming!


All set up for 2 days.


I arrived, pitched my tent and washed all my clothes straight away. I just have to relax u til it gets more cool.


4 o’clock, the temperature has cool down, I can go and visit Edith falls.


Does not seem to be very far.


Crocodiles here?




Very nice. I actually had a swim but a shirt one. I did not dare to swim until the falls. I was thinking about those crocs all the time :-) Anyway, tomorrow I will go on a walk to see the other pools up there. That was a nice rest day.

3 thoughts on “Katherine area > Edith falls (41km, 2h)

  1. Congrats on making it there !, I remember that place… It seems so developed now (Closed 7 PM WFT ??) anyway there are only freshwater crocs there,,,, they wont bother you….
    The govt. is trying to put signs to scare you to cover themselves if a croc gets there in a 100 year flood…

    look forward to hearing about Douglas Springs and/or Surprise creek in Litchfield NP…


  2. Bon, j’aurais apprécié un post supplémentaire pour être sûre que tu n’as pas rencontré un crocodile dans cette rivière attirante !!

  3. Edith fall looks so small in the photo. The campsite looks very pretty though.
    Not stopping at Katharine Gorge, I didn’t go there either. Is it expensive to get in?

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