Darwin, last day in Australia

Very last day in Australia! Thanks everyone for your help along the way :-) Martin, Yoko and Marco, Karen, Jeff and Koby, John, Pauline and Catherine, Robin!, Stan, Wendy and Peter, Two Skinny Men, Tim and his parents, Akihiko, Alex and Dirk, Anthony, Graham and Joy, Matt and his girlfriend, The Team (Sue, John, Graham, Kate, Neil and Charles), The backpackers (Mariline, Ludovic, Ted and Luckas), Steve and Jackie, The adventurers (Nichole, Jose and Jean Louis). Australia has been very easy to travel through with your help and kindness. The rest of my trip might be very different as I won’t speak the local language as I did in here and NZ. The adventure continues!

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Darwin, busy day off


My spot last was good and free. I found an ugly park next to the Marina in Darwin where no one would come to run or chill during the morning. And I was right :-) Peace and quiet but still very hot and humid. My tent, the bike plus trailer were soaking wet this morning. Today I’ve done numerous of useful things. First I’ve been moving to another park where I could get some water and a sit on a bench to have my breakfast. Then I went to a public swimming to have a shower and spent some time in the water. At least I paid $4 for something :-) Then I came back in the city and took an appointment with a doctor to know what kind of immunisation I need for Indonesia. Before the appointment I’ve been to the post office and did 12 ID photos so I will be ready to apply for any visa! Just on time I came back to see the doctor and he gave me Malaria tablets + Typhoid and Hepatitis A shot. The Malaria tablets works against the Mozis. The Hepatitis A vaccine protect from food and water and the typhoid vaccine protects from infection by a particular bacterium (Salmonella typhi). It can be find in contaminated food and water as well. The list was not that long so I guess it’s just the useful ones to do. When it was done and after I’ve spent $300 I went to the library where I’ve been working on my blog until 5:30pm. And finally I came back to see Nicole, Jose, Jean Louis and Jack on their wonderful boat. I really had a good time with them. We talked travel, adventure, travel, and politic, and travel :-). As I said yesterday they are very inspiring. One day, ONE DAY, I will put my bike on a sailing boat and visit the world again but differently!

Step, Alice Springs > Darwin (1693km)

This is my last big step in Australia! This time I did not have any more troubles with my tires and trailer’s hub. The road between Tennant Creek and Mataranka was not the most interesting part though but all the way up from Mataranka to Darwin has lots of places to visit. Especially that I could have a swim nearly everyday.

Walker Creek > Darwin (113km, 6h)

Big day today! Originally, my plan was to visit Litchfield National Park in four days but because I’ve started very early this morning and there was not really good spots where to stop for lunch I’ve just kept going. I was like attracted by the city, especially the final point in Australia for me. Just when I arrived on the other side, I had an unexpected experience, I met interesting adventurers who are travelling around the world on a wonderful sailing boat!

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Buley Rockhole > Walker Creek (50km, 2h30)

Second day in Litchfield National Park. Last night was quiet. I did set up only the inside of my tent as it was really hot. I could not even close the tent and let the “door” wide open. During the night, few rain drops worried me a bit but finally it stayed like this. No big rain. Very quietly this morning I packed all my stuff and left the campsite when everyone else was still asleep. The ranger did not came yesterday night so well, this night was free :-)

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Batchelor > Buley Rockhole (51km, 3h)


Nice day today, I’ve been in the water most of the time and with that heat it’s very nice. Litchfield park is a touristy place so naturally there is lots of people around but it’s always possible to find a time when there is not hundred of us in the same spot. I’ve visited Florence Falls as well which is nice and then when back to Buley Rockhole to camp for the night.

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