Ban Phongpheng > Kusuman (Thailand) (71km + 3km by bus)


After nearly 2 months spent in Laos (my idea was to stay there only one month at the beginning) I’m back in Thailand for 28 days max, the length of the free VOA (Visa On Arrival). Most of the day, the road was flat and easy but I know some hills are coming soon. That’s a pretty easy day. I feel I came back to civilisation today. Laos was good, and Thailand is different.

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Darwin, last day in Australia

Very last day in Australia! Thanks everyone for your help along the way :-) Martin, Yoko and Marco, Karen, Jeff and Koby, John, Pauline and Catherine, Robin!, Stan, Wendy and Peter, Two Skinny Men, Tim and his parents, Akihiko, Alex and Dirk, Anthony, Graham and Joy, Matt and his girlfriend, The Team (Sue, John, Graham, Kate, Neil and Charles), The backpackers (Mariline, Ludovic, Ted and Luckas), Steve and Jackie, The adventurers (Nichole, Jose and Jean Louis).¬†Australia has been very easy to travel through with your help and kindness. The rest of my trip might be very different as I won’t speak the local language as I did in here and NZ. The adventure continues!

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Glenaire > Peterborough (82km, 5h)


Fantastic day today! I had no idea that I was going to see that place today but the buses full of tourists reminded quickly that I was reaching one of the famous place in Victoria: The Twelve Apostles. Actually, they are only eleven now as one collapsed in 2005 (you can see it on the picture). The place is very impressive even if I felt half between between being in “Disney World” or “The Great Wall of China”. Let’s start the visit! Caution: lots of rocks pictures ;-)

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