Ban Phongpheng > Kusuman (Thailand) (71km + 3km by bus)


After nearly 2 months spent in Laos (my idea was to stay there only one month at the beginning) I’m back in Thailand for 28 days max, the length of the free VOA (Visa On Arrival). Most of the day, the road was flat and easy but I know some hills are coming soon. That’s a pretty easy day. I feel I came back to civilisation today. Laos was good, and Thailand is different.

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Namsang > Ban Phongpheng (95km)


I think I should change my disc pads very soon :-) I tried today but I don’t have enough tools with me. I will have to go to a shop. Technically, when I push the piston back to where it should be, the second one goes out. So I don’t have enough space to fit the two pads AND the disc. That’s a problem. Fortunately, I don’t break a lot these days so I should be fine until Bangkok.

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