Namsang > Ban Phongpheng (95km)


I think I should change my disc pads very soon :-) I tried today but I don’t have enough tools with me. I will have to go to a shop. Technically, when I push the piston back to where it should be, the second one goes out. So I don’t have enough space to fit the two pads AND the disc. That’s a problem. Fortunately, I don’t break a lot these days so I should be fine until Bangkok.





That’s the spot I talked about yesterday. It’s not super clean but last night during the storm, yes one more, I was fine :-)


Hey! where is my bike!?


No worries, it’s just where I let it last night :-) It would have been a pain in the a** to get it in because there is a kind of big step all around the building. Laos is safe anyway. People must ignore I’m here too. I was in the dark at the back of the garden. Nobody noticed me yesterday.


I’m ready to go!


A look of where I slept last night. Pretty good :-) Very nice garden too!


I pass the same bridge as I did yesterday.


On the road again!


I thought I would have a short break and then, I don’t know why, I decided to change the rear disc pads. Last time I’ve checked they were nearly done.


The new ones are on the left side obviously. I’ve done more that 13000km with those. Naturally it doesn’t mean much because that’s depending on the road. Australia, was mainly flat. Malaysia and Thailand too. So that’s especially in Indonesia and Laos where I’ve used most of them.


Unfortunately, I cannot change them on this bike. There is not enough space for the new pads. I cannot push to two piston or cylinder together… Rah! that’s annoying. Anyway, I keep going and will see that later.


At the end of the day I’ve done more kilometres than expected. I got to the Laos border but could not cross the bridge as I cannot cycle on it. I must take a bus (again) and pay (of course). The guy told me to come back tomorrow morning at 7:30am. I will find a place where to eat and then will have a good sleep :-) See you tomorrow!

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