Mittraphap Road > Kaeng Khoi (66km)


I could have had a nice sleep last night… Bloody dogs! This morning I’ve started a bit earlier than normally to make sure nobody would see me so this night was even shorter. I was only 10km away from my next stop so the morning ride was really short as well. Later this afternoon, I’ve done more than 50km as I was going mainly downhill. I arrived at Kaeng Khoi and found a spot in a large bare field where people organise a market.

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Ban Kok Lurk > Mittraphap Road (49km)


Today, I’m finally reached on of these unavoidable highway that lead to the capital. Fortunately I know it’s only temporary. I’m not going to cycle straight to Bangkok but will kind of slalom. I still have 5 days to get there so I can take my time. This morning, I’ve found a detour until the next Café. This evening I covered 40km on the highway before I could get out and search for a quiet spot. Everything worked well until my “4 legs best friends” came in…

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Vieng Kham > Houai Ngam (96km)


Aaah finally! Finally an easy day! The day started with rain but I enjoyed a long down hill. I didn’t expect that last hill coming but apart that the ride was much easier than the past two weeks. I needed that, my legs needed that :-) I’ve ended sleeping in a valley where the weather we’re more pleasant.

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Ban Nam Chat > Vieng Kham (68km)


I thought the worst was behind me but it didn’t mean the road would be flat. Ban Nam Chat is situated in a hole. I’ve enjoyed yesterday night going down hill for quite a while. After dinner, when I was trying to find a spot where to sleep I’ve ended cycling uphill again. That was only the beginning of the hill. This morning I started with a 650m ascension. I had some lunch at Phou Khoun which was in a bowl but still 1200m high. Finally I had another climb that brought above 1500m and started a huge downhill during late afternoon. At night, another huge storm hit the sheds where I was staying. The wind was super strong and I thought the roof was going to collapse but it didn’t fortunately!

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Ban Na Pong-Pak Kong > Wat San Wilai (61km)


Today is THE day! The windy, hilly road is in front of us. All we have to do is smash it! Actually it was easier than I imagined. During the climb we could even enjoyed some downhill. The steepness of the road was gentle and the traffic, a part few trucks, was mainly quiet. After two and a half hours (including break time), we reached the summit and visited… a temple, of course. Monks (and religions in general) have good taste. They always build temples on hills, close to the water or anywhere we can see them.

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Wat Thung Sai Thong > Wat Khlong Nam Khem (80km)


Today was quite good. Nice weather, hot temperature, not much wind as usual, small roads to ride on. It would be even better if I would stop breaking, piece after piece, parts of my setup. I might be dreaming too much on the way because today I attacked my camera. No more camera, no more pictures… It would be very sad… I don’t say more, I’m going to buy a new brain made in China…

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Road 415 > Surat Thani (107km)


Normally, we would have been cycling to Ratchapraha lake together which is apparently a very nice place but I’m not in the mood to visit anything today. The only thing I’m thinking about right now is how I’m going to fix this hammock. If I cannot I will try myself. If that doesn’t work, I will be very sad and depressed. The weather is not very good today. That’s good because I can keep cycling between 11am and 4pm and reach Surat Thani today. Surat Thani is a bigger city so I hope I will find a tailor that is able to repair this specific material.

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