Bukittinggi > Lubuk Basung (70km)


Bukittinggi and its famous clock Jam Gadang. When I looked online to find some point of interest in Indonesia, this is one of them which came up. I bookmarked this on google maps and it became one of my goal destination. This morning I hanged around for an hour and hit the road towards the Sianok Canyon without knowing it would be that wonderful. I’ve just seen on google map that there was a shortcut and wanted to try it. Later on, I arrived to the lake Maninjau (another point of interest) and discover another wonderful place. I’ve finally ended on the other side and continue pedaling until dark. The last surprise of this day was when I met Rahmat who follow me on scooter and asked me for a photo. I finally spent the night with his family! Warning, this post has a lot of pictures. Enjoy!

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Port Craig hut > Hump Ridge Track > Tatuapere (17km walk, 5h + 24km cycle, 2h)

During all the day, I’ve felt a hard pain on my feet. I’ve never walk like this before and without training, 3 days it’s long! I’ m going to have one day off in Tatuapere to get more energy.
I’ve met Sally again today. She is walking so fast, even her dog! When I told her I was going to pass Riverton, she gave me here address in case they were here when I will reach the city. It’s nice :-) I don’t know when I will be there but it could be a nice experience. We never know :-)

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