Pentai Cenang > Kampung Padang Lalang (34km, 2h00)


As I mentioned yesterday evening, today we are going to visit the “Seven Wells” (for seven natural pools) and something we did not plan: the “Seven Wells peak”. I must say, signs panel in this area are pretty bad. They confuse more than they inform us. And to make sure we are confuse, people told us wrong timing (about the walk) and nothing is in english. Fortunately, with all these things not in our favour, we did not get lost. Are we good? No, we simply kept going straight up until we ended to the top of Langkawi island and got nearly a 360 degrees view for free!

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Miri > Niah cave return (200km, 3h00 by bus + 30km, 40min by taxi)


Today we are going to visit the Niah cave. We had to come back first to the “long distance” bus station. Now we know there is a public bus going there. The trip to Niah junction (where the bus stops on the highway) cost 15 Ringgit. Then we had lunch had to catch a local taxi (15 Ringgit each for one way). Finally there is a 4km walk in Niah national park to get to the cave.

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Kinabalu Park > summit (4095m) > Kota Kinabalu (100km, 2h by bus)


This is the highest summit I’ve never been onto :-) We are the first two guys to get there with a Spanish guy. We did it without any torch which was even better (actually, my battery run out after 30 minutes this morning). Without any light we could enjoy the stars and feel all the atmosphere. The moon’s brightness was enough to see where we were going. We left this morning around 3am and arrived 2 hours and 15 minutes later. We now can see all the other guys walking slowly down there. The temperature up there is, I guess, between 0 and 5 degrees and it’s slightly windy. I won’t be able to stay too long up there because I will get cold if I don’t move.

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