Miri > Niah cave return (200km, 3h00 by bus + 30km, 40min by taxi)


Today we are going to visit the Niah cave. We had to come back first to the “long distance” bus station. Now we know there is a public bus going there. The trip to Niah junction (where the bus stops on the highway) cost 15 Ringgit. Then we had lunch had to catch a local taxi (15 Ringgit each for one way). Finally there is a 4km walk in Niah national park to get to the cave.



The headquarters. Sounds serious.


This the way.


A long walk (for 80 years old people :-) through the forest of Niah nation park.


The wood fence are covered with moss, and flowers sometimes :-)


We keep going.


Finally, this the first part of the cave.


Quite impressive.


A moment later we have reached the second part, the main one.


The foot path leads to the other end of the cave which is 1 km long! There is about 500m which are in total darkness.


Nice texture and colours.


I cannot go further than this. Thus is going down, my legs are painful.


Going up would be okay, but walking downstairs, no way. I’m staying here.


That’s one of the famous site of the cave. Workers use to sleep here while they were working in the cave. You could fit a building here.


Stephane continued walking further upstairs. I was looking around until I’ve seen a sign that indicates some point of interest. Actually this way is the right way. The way with the stairs is the way back, the exit. Ok, let’s try this one, slowly.


The wide mouth of the cave is getting smaller.


And smaller…


…until I cannot even see it.


That’s the other side there.


Rah, too far away haha. I’m going back.


We must be at the junction before 5:30pm because the last bus to Miri will stop there. If we miss it we will have to stay around or pay a taxi. No, no, no, no taxi. Let’s walk back.


The first part of the cave again.


Back on track for 4km.


As we did when we arrived, we must cross the river. There is a price for that: 1 Ringgit each. It’s apparently full of crocodiles here. Where are they? Come on!


Back around the headquarters :-)


We called back the same taxi driver who was a nice guy. Once back at the junction on time we could pick up the last bus of the day back to Miri where we will find another guesthouse where to sleep.

Travelling this way, as a backpacker I mean, cost a lot more money as cycling. Of course it’s faster but definitely less enjoyable. Cycling makes things easier when we search for a free spot where to sleep. By walk, everything seems far away and we get tired easily, especially when we are 80 years old :-) Well, soon, when we will be back in the Malaysian peninsula, life will become cheap again. See ya!

3 thoughts on “Miri > Niah cave return (200km, 3h00 by bus + 30km, 40min by taxi)

  1. The cave is like another planet, the things coming down from the ceiling is interesting.
    The murky water with crocodiles is scary… I saw the news of the man standing in the boat was taken by the crocodile.
    That was not in Cairns, but still in our region.

  2. J’imagine les deux petits vieux dans la grotte, et sur le long chemin aller retour ! Lol. Dommage quand même ne n’avoir pas pu profiter de tout le site ! Merci courbatures !!

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