Darlinghurst, knitting a pullover for my new machine


When Robin finished to decorate my trailer, it looked great. I knew I was going to receive my new brand bike and it could be a good idea to do something for it. I expect it will look less expensive and more hippie. I’m far to be one but I like the style :-) Robin did not have the time to do it but propose me to teach me how to knit. This is a good idea :-) I like learning new stuff so here we go, I’ve started this part four times now because I was making several mistakes. Now, I’ve got the trick. I’m still slow but it’s working well. If I keep going like this every night, my bike’s pullover will be ready in few days or weeks. Let’s work!

Darlinghurst, my old bike is on sale!


This is my old bike and I’m selling it! I had three options : send it back to France which will be expensive. Find someone to cycle with me but it will be hard to find and I’m not sure if this bike is ready for it as I keep my trailer. The final option is to sell it. I need to be lucky because if I don’t find anyone, I will have to change my mind very quickly! It has been a really good machine. The reason I’m changing is simple. This one is a competition bike with 30 speeds. With one chain I can ride around 2500km. I’ve changed it many times already plus I had to change the cassette, the chainrings. Well this is something I will have to take care of a along the way. 

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Sydney, a new machine for a new trip!


Oh oh oh, this is existing :-) I’ve been waiting for a while for that day to happen. My new Machine has arrived! I’ve been so many times on the website, ready to click on the “order” button. I’ve sent so many emails to the Budnitz guys. They were really helpful and friendly. Finally I’ve made my choice. I’ve worked hard for 7 months and saved more than enough money for my trip. This bike is for life and it’s not going to stay in a garage waiting for the dust to cover it. This is my lifestyle now and this is a wonderful, useful and crazy bike!

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Sydney (Newtown), How to dismount a cassette with one tool only


As usual, I like repairing stuff by myself because it’s more interesting, cheap and when it success I feel great. We are three cyclist at work and Matt lent me some tool. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the chain whip to hold the cassette so I had to find some other solutions. The goal is to lock the cassette to be able to unscrew the nut. I’ve decided to use zip ties (cerclips) but untight the cassette requires quite a lot of power and my tiny zip ties broke very easely. The first attempt is a fail…

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