Sydney (Newtown), How to dismount a cassette with one tool only


As usual, I like repairing stuff by myself because it’s more interesting, cheap and when it success I feel great. We are three cyclist at work and Matt lent me some tool. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the chain whip to hold the cassette so I had to find some other solutions. The goal is to lock the cassette to be able to unscrew the nut. I’ve decided to use zip ties (cerclips) but untight the cassette requires quite a lot of power and my tiny zip ties broke very easely. The first attempt is a fail…


This solution looks risky but it worked like a charm! The good thing about is that I could carry just the wrench and use any piece of wood when I need.


I’ve been cleaning everything and tighten the cassette back when I realise (too late of course) that something was wrong. Unfortunately, my piece of wood was broken so I came up with this other solution. It works well but my rope doesn’t like it. The cassette damaged it under pressure. The wood was the best solution :-)

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