Sydney (Darlinghurst), new home


After 5 months spent with Robin and other flatmates I moved recently in that new share house in Darlinghurst. It’s situated really close to the city centre. We are ten (5 girls, 5 guys) but the house is big and we don’t feel we live on each other. One of the first thing I’ve noticed was that this house is very nice but a bit dirty for me. Lucky them, I like cleaning :-) I’ve spent my first weekend cleaning the kitchen and the two bathrooms. Now I feel better :-)


The view from the terrace.


Most important thing, I’ve got a place to park my bike during the night. This is good :-)


Like Robin’s place Darlinghurst has lots of terraced houses. The neighborhood is close, very close. The tin roof is going to be very hot in summer but anyway, this place is nice.


And this is our room. We are actually two French and an Australian guy should arrive soon. There is 5 rooms in total so no more than three per room which is far acceptable compare to cheap backpackers where sometimes they are packed like 60 per room (certainly bigger than this one but wow, this is a lot!). This room gots a small balcony as well which is very nice for relaxing :-)

2 thoughts on “Sydney (Darlinghurst), new home

  1. This must be so great to share this flat with so many different people.
    Good point: you found a bed.
    Main point: your bike is safe and secure ;)

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