Wat Thung Sai Thong > Wat Khlong Nam Khem (80km)


Today was quite good. Nice weather, hot temperature, not much wind as usual, small roads to ride on. It would be even better if I would stop breaking, piece after piece, parts of my setup. I might be dreaming too much on the way because today I attacked my camera. No more camera, no more pictures… It would be very sad… I don’t say more, I’m going to buy a new brain made in China…

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Wat Don Sai > Wat Thung Sai Thong (50km)


Today for the first time since Malaysia, we reached the east coast and the gulf of Thailand. The beaches here are not as touristy than the one in the south west, at least, not yet. We had to come back on the highway for a little while but we took the opportunity to stop at a petrol station, get some water, clean some clothes, have an extra shower and work in a cafe. The new deal now is to find the “Amazon Cafe” which have Wifi and plugs to charge all we need. Very easy life :-)

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Wat Suwan Thararam > Wat Don Sai (80km)


Good day today. We keep finding little roads away from the highway. The food is cheap and tasty except when we don’t get what we order… I thought I would be travelling in Thailand during the rainy season. Since then, this is the first time we get regular rain through the day. Fortunately, every time we made a break, the rain started :-) The luck is coming back!

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Surat Thani > Wat Suwan Thararam (78km)


Today we managed to stay off the highway during the whole day, thanks to google maps. Since we got to Thailand we have seen lots of cyclist on the road. The funny thing is that lots of them have a mountain bike, very clean, very new because they seem to ride only on the road. At least they look more sporty than Indonesian or Malaysian. At a certain time, we ended cycling on tiny roads, passing through small villages with cute little train station and other large forest of rubber and palm oil trees. BIG news today, my hammock got fixed! I hope it will last!

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