Wat Khao Lan Thom > Wat Tanod Luang (47km)


What happened today? This is going to be a difficult question because I did not take any picture a part this one, this morning. The road must have been a bit boring apparently. Like I said before, I’m very late on this blog and if I don’t take pictures, with everything else I’ve done until now, it makes very hard to remember everything. Anyway, I keep this post at least for the map below. Mainly that’s it :-) I keep going!

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Wat Lang Khao Noi > Wat Khao Lan Thom (33km)


Yesterday, we stayed in the same area and worked on our blog. We’ve done nothing else special. We moved from the beach to a temple nearby the cafe where we have spent the day. Unfortunately this temple was full of dogs again and a simple movement made them bark. Today we met Sebastien again. He invited us to visit a mangrove which has been renovated and is now protected. Apparently, the King launched that project. Good on him.

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Wat Thanmikaram Municipal School > Pran Buri beach (91km)


This area is full of adventurous cyclists. Today we have seen 7 of them! Yes, seven! We did not stop to talk with all of them but we met those two guys, Manon and Eddie from France who have just started from Bangkok. It was just time for lunch so we spent some time together. Then, this afternoon, we kept on going until we reached Pran Buri where we had an appointment with Sebastien, a Stephane’s friend from France who lives in Thailand since more than 10 years. He his a photographer too :-)

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Phraphut Kiti Sirichai > Wat Thanmikaram Municipal School (80km)


Few! my blog is still surviving! The last two weeks were full of different events and I did not find any time to write anything. Well, I kept doing the images, the maps and uploading some tiny videos but everything was offline. Very useful isn’t it? I’m now in Bangkok, but let’s come back two weeks earlier, here when I left the story. We are back in time :-) That following day started really early this morning. Stephane wanted to catch the early lights this morning so we woke up at 5am. The night was very short as we had to change our spot in the middle of the night because that bloody dog never stopped barking at us. Result: four hours of sleep, shuh! Behind this picture, there is actually two: One for the sky, and one for the temple. I think I’ve pushed my camera to its limits this time. The quality is not as good as I would like but the next camera of my dream is far too expensive and maybe too big too for my travel style. I have a week to think about it before getting to Bangkok. Anyway, let’s start that day before I forget everything haha :-)

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Wat Khlong Nam Khem > Phraphut Kiti Sirichai (52km)


Today we cycled mostly along the coast. The beaches are much more clean than what we have seen previously. The presence of many resorts explains largely and easily why. Today, we took a new resolution for 2016, we will try to take more pictures of ourselves and the bicycles. I used to do that in New Zealand but I think it faded away, a bit. I want to improve that cycling feeling when reading or watching these pictures. We finished the end of this day by visiting a huge Buddhist temple. So nice that we came back at night to get some special shots. Except that my camera did not catch much what we have seen and enjoyed tonight. That’s frustrating!

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Wat Thung Sai Thong > Wat Khlong Nam Khem (80km)


Today was quite good. Nice weather, hot temperature, not much wind as usual, small roads to ride on. It would be even better if I would stop breaking, piece after piece, parts of my setup. I might be dreaming too much on the way because today I attacked my camera. No more camera, no more pictures… It would be very sad… I don’t say more, I’m going to buy a new brain made in China…

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