Wat Lang Khao Noi > Wat Khao Lan Thom (33km)


Yesterday, we stayed in the same area and worked on our blog. We’ve done nothing else special. We moved from the beach to a temple nearby the cafe where we have spent the day. Unfortunately this temple was full of dogs again and a simple movement made them bark. Today we met Sebastien again. He invited us to visit a mangrove which has been renovated and is now protected. Apparently, the King launched that project. Good on him.



This is the entrance of the park.


A look around…


The area is very well made.


The walk is very easy. I wish we would be able to cycle here haha.


Thick forest!


The perfect spots for mosquitos.


I liked the contrast of colours between the mangrove and that boat, that’s all.


These trees have huge roots. It must be a pain to walk through here.


Stephane and Sebastien front of the observation tower. The picture is blurry unfortunately. I could not see what I was shooting…


Few! that’s a great view! The movement of the trees is very relaxing. It looks like an ocean.


KInd of like this.

A short video will be even better I guess :-)

And that’s it for the visit. After that, we walked downstairs, came back on the carpark and discussed for 3 or 4 hours. Sebastien told us his story, how he did ended here, how much he loves our modern society (being sarcastic). I was agree with him on all his points. I won’t detail everything because we talk about so many things and tried to change the work (again) but it’s always a pleasure to meet people who has the same ideas. I loves his simple lifestyle, being free to go anywhere to take the best shot he can. We talked about over consumption and all the wastes we produce then hide somewhere nobody can see. This world is crazy.

Finally, after having re-maked the world (Do you see the difference on your side? Isn’t that better now?) we left each other the mangrove and came back to our occupations. Seb, thanks for all. It was a pleasure to meet you and your ideas :-)

Back on the road for another 15 kilometres or more. The first temple we spotted was full of angry dogs. After a very short hesitation and being surrounded by five of them, we decided to keep going a bit further. The next temple was much better but we arrived in the middle of a Burial ceremony. Again?! Monks and other people let us sleep under a big roof where we could set up easily tent and hammock. They even offered us some drinks and cookies. Lucky us. That’s it for today :-)

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