Kaeng Khoi > Saraburi (19km)


I haven’t been very efficient today :-) 19km! At least, the slight pain I used to have a week or two ago on one leg disappeared. This morning, I cycled the 2km back to the café along the highway and stayed there all day. What an interesting day isn’t it? Cambodia will be more adventurous I think. Then, later this afternoon, I cycled a little 17km before discovering that nice spot! Unfortunately, there were some dogs around that didn’t like my presence… That’s surprising! Haha. I should make one of those slingshot and shoot their asses. I keep forgetting that. That would be a nice training, every evening shooting moving subjects :-)

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Mittraphap Road > Kaeng Khoi (66km)


I could have had a nice sleep last night… Bloody dogs! This morning I’ve started a bit earlier than normally to make sure nobody would see me so this night was even shorter. I was only 10km away from my next stop so the morning ride was really short as well. Later this afternoon, I’ve done more than 50km as I was going mainly downhill. I arrived at Kaeng Khoi and found a spot in a large bare field where people organise a market.

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