Saraburi > Tha Rua (30km)


Today, I’ve been cycling mostly during morning time until the next cafe where I stayed all day. Late this evening, I searched a spot around to be able to come back to the same cafe tomorrow. I still have plenty of days front of me so the main rule is: “go slow”.





Back to this morning. This spot was good. It would have been even better if the road wasn’t that close and if dogs did not show up early this morning.


Shut up! A step forward and they are all gone, barking like if I’ve hurt them. Pff! Cowards!


Finally, a nice and quiet road :-)


Ow! That’s a while I’ve seen such a “door”.


Time for shower! Don’t give me wrong, I don’t put my head in the toilets :-) The bowl does everything. So simple, so fresh, Nice!


Now I can head to the amazon cafe without looking like an homeless guy :-)


You see? That’s really the Amazon here :-) Don’t you get it little thing? The brand colours are green and yellow, not blue and grey.


I’m out for lunch! I’ve found a nice restaurant 300m away from the station where the prices are decent: 30Baht for a good portion of fried rice. That’s good. These people did not try to take advantage of my foreigner looking face, I appreciate.

Later this evening, I moved out of the Amazon Cafe to find a spot where to sleep. Naturally, everywhere I stopped to check if camping was doable, dogs in the surroundings started to bark again and again. I’m really tired of them. That destroys the whole Thailand experience. I really hate them. Anyway, I kept cycling in the dark for a little while until I found a motocross field. That’s not really the most important, the most important is there was trees around it that I could use to set up my camp ,which I did :-) Few dogs barked from far away but they did not come around. Once I stayed quiet, they stopped being annoying. Good night!

2 thoughts on “Saraburi > Tha Rua (30km)

  1. The toilet is cleaner than I expected.
    The half blue lizard, at first I thought someone played with paint. Then I googled and it was real one.

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