Step, Riverton > Lake Paringa (471km, 8 days)

From Southland to the west coast!

Around Wanaka > kids bush (42km, 3h30)

I’ve got a nice day today, it’s just a bit too windy… But nice. I’ve quit Wanaka lake and I’m now cycling along the lake Hawea. There is many lakes in this area, I Like that :-) But since this morning I’ve got a strange noise on my bike. I changed my chain but too late. The old one is already too long and the new one doesn’t match with my used cassette and chainrings… So I put back the old chain and I will continue like this as far as possible. I will have to change everything soon maybe or in Auckland if I pay really attention. I will!

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Kingston, web 2.0 with Annette (768m, 2min)

This morning, I’m eating my breakfast at the same place as yesterday. It’s few metres away of the public toilets. Then, a woman came for cleaning it. OK, normal. Then, she saw me and politely say hello. “Good morning” :-) We discussed a bit and when I said I was web designer in Paris she said : “hey, maybe you could help me because I’m working on an it project with wiki and I don’t understand so much. She was saying that ironically but I answer “yes” why not, but no more than one day because I must travel also haha” Annette accepted and offered me one night and a meal against some wiki lessons. I have to learn that before because I just know few things about it :-)

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