Kingston, web 2.0 with Annette (768m, 2min)

This morning, I’m eating my breakfast at the same place as yesterday. It’s few metres away of the public toilets. Then, a woman came for cleaning it. OK, normal. Then, she saw me and politely say hello. “Good morning” :-) We discussed a bit and when I said I was web designer in Paris she said : “hey, maybe you could help me because I’m working on an it project with wiki and I don’t understand so much. She was saying that ironically but I answer “yes” why not, but no more than one day because I must travel also haha” Annette accepted and offered me one night and a meal against some wiki lessons. I have to learn that before because I just know few things about it :-)

Finally I went to her place that is just few hundred metres from where I was eating and we spent part of the day making research and I found something really interesting for her. Maybe the website she needed. Then, I repaired her two printers and that’s it :-)

So, we are now in Queenstown because Annette invited me to a restaurant! Whouooo! :-)

The restaurant Rata (bad picture). Looks luxurious.

The restroom. There is no space for us because we Annette didn’t reserved

But we can eat to the bar. Original :-) Fiou! It’s was really really good and nice! Thank you so much Annette! Everybody is really nice in NZ :-)
Another little story : During the evening, we were sit next to a couple. We started charting with them and then Annette told them that I helped her today with her informatic problem. Them the woman asked me : “may I asked you a question?” “Yes sure” I answered. “My son gets a Xbox and it’s not working bla bla haha:-) I’m informatic technician haha :-) Solution : ask to Google! It’s usually working :-) Funny night :-)

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  1. Yes everybody is nice in NZ… We saw the difference yesterday when we arrived at Paris! Snif

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