Aparima river bridge > Kingston (83km, 4h30)

My first night under a bridge was good. I’m ready to ride again :-) I’m gonna reach Kingston today which is front of the Wakatipu lake as Queenstown.

And I start the day by a break. No, I’ve done 25 km already he, ho :-)

I’ve just realised that Sally did so much work for me. Every sandwich is packed in a plastic film with a description. Fiou!

And even for those cookies, maybe handmade, there is the story about. I’m eating and learning history in the same time. They should apply the same technical at school :-)

Grrr! I don’t have the time to take out my camera than they turn slowly back. Bloody sheep!

I’m faster this time!

No, it’s not for today, too far…

Clouds are quite low, very low.

But it’s a good picture to take :-)

All along the hill.

I’m coming to Garston to have a break.

I’ve got about 600km to reach the middle of NZ, Fiou!

I’m wondering how they can make money here…

A shinning cloud :-)

Kingston is certainly at the end of this looong road.

I didn’t take this picture, like the one of the presentation picture. There was a guy stopped on the road. He was waiting for me and took many pictures just for him. Then he sent it to me, cool. I’ve got different king of style picture now. And the quality and the style is great. He is from Brazil and travel as well.

So, after the shooting haha, I finally arrived in Kingston. There is some nice decorated houses here.

The Wakatipu lake again. I’ve seen it from everywhere now :-)

I’m checking the area for tonight but it’s a public garden here. Difficult and risky.

There is a nice old train here but the locomotive is park because the attraction is closed. Maybe I could see it tomorrow morning.

The stylish train station.

Kingston, like Queenstown, is situated between huge mountains and the lake.

The wharf.

Toward Queenstown.

The sky goats a smooth texture now :-)

Larger view.
Then, I’ve ate in the public pack on a picnic table and at night I found a nice spot along the lake, perfect :-) good night :-)